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I was ordered to do 25 press-ups, one for every minute I was late.I could only do five or ten and she laughed at me, calling me pathetic."He apparently paid £110 for his first meeting, which included a £30 extra charge for her to cover herself in peanut butter.' and 'I Know Nothing' - well-known phrases uttered by Spanish waiter Manuel during the iconic TV series.

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But for reasons best known to herself, Mia Farrow chose to reveal in an interview with Vanity Fair this week that the father of her son, Ronan, might possibly have been Frank Sinatra rather than Woody Allen, as was previously assumed.

There's as little love lost between Ronan and Woody – Ronan hasn't spoken to Allen since the actor-director started a relationship with his adopted sister – as there is between Mia and Woody, but it's fair to assume Ronan would rather his mother had kept her suspicions a little quieter.

Sachs, who played Manuel in the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers with John Cleese, has been promoting his autobiography, I Know Nothing. But she’s made no efforts as far as I know.’ In the prank, Ross crudely told Sachs: ‘He f***** your granddaughter’, while Brand responded, ‘I did not do nothing with Georgina – oh no, I’ve revealed I know her name.’ The incident provoked 42,000 complaints and Brand later resigned, while Ross was suspended.

Speaking to The Times, he said of his granddaughter: ‘Yes it’s sad.

Shame on him.' In the wake of the pair being suspended, Miss Baillie, who had a relationship with Brand, said that she was 'thrilled justice had been done,' and welcomed an investigation into the affair.

'There's nothing decent about Russell Brand': Baillie says she's horrified by her former love's actions 'Let's see what Ofcom choose to do about it.The couple were upset that Miss Baillie worked with celebrity publicist Max Clifford and sold her story, including details of her sex life with Brand, to a tabloid.In that piece, Miss Baillie said Brand ‘seemed obsessed by the idea that he was close to Manuel’s granddaughter’ and complained he was ‘a disappointment in the bedroom considering he has had so much practice’.Jonathan Ross, who also took part in the obscene sequence, is currently suspended.]Miss Baillie said she was particularly disgusted with the TV presenter as he was a family man who has three children.'In some ways he is the biggest disappointment because he has daughters,' she said.'I bet if you asked him he would say he'd lay down in traffic to defend their honour.'But what a hypocrite he is and what a shabby man he has turned out to be.'I will only say he's a disappointment in the bedroom considering he has had so much practice'.

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