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The word acid is derived from the Latin acidus/acēre meaning sour.

A lower p H means a higher acidity, and thus a higher concentration of positive hydrogen ions in the solution.

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You can't preform SQL style joins on Excel tables from within Excel.

Strictly speaking, both PUT and POST can create resources; the key difference is that POST leaves it for the server to decide at what URI to make the new resource available, whilst PUT dictates what URI to use; URIs are of course a concept that doesn't really line up with CRUD.

If you only want to add a couple extra fields to the second list, then add the formulas to the second list.

If you want an "outer join" style table, then add the to test if the lookup was found.

Chemicals or substances having the property of an acid are said to be acidic.

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If Excel's Help doesn't give you enough details on how to use these in your particular instance, let us know.

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