Fringle dating

Last week, a co-worker Linda came into my office fuming, an angry sneer on her lip and cellphone waving madly in the air.Linda’s a pretty, young, single Mom who wants someone special to come home to at night. Someone to share a meal with her and her young son.

A week or two later the same coffee table talk turns into a “BITCH-fest” about the A**-hole who let her down or turned out to be a creeper.

We all want to love and be loved and it truly sucks when the goalposts shift back and forth so that you just can’t kick the ball into the net and celebrate. It’s like anger and sadness kissed you on the cheek.

I’m not sure that beer goggles work the other way around for girls looking at guys.

We got drunk on tablesfull of 25 cent draft beer and tried to pick up pretty girls in Irish pubs and flaky bars … Of course when you’re blotto drunk, the beer goggles make every girl look hot.

Days like Tuesday, September 11, 2001 or Friday, November 22, 1963 or Thursday, September 28, 1972 (bonus points if you can name the events of these 3 dates! For me, Thursday, April 12, 1973 was a day like no other. It replays in my mind from time to time and the vision, the memory, becomes slightly more translucent as each year passes.

But the emotions and heart-pounding I felt that day remain strong and intense.

The last few years since she’s been on her own, she’s tried her fortunes with online dating, but has only had hugs from frustration and anger. It’s like catalogue shopping and everything looks so new and lustrous and “” great.

At coffee break one week, she brightly tells us a story about a guy she’s “met” on her raised expectations and hopes reflect like shiny new pennies in her eyes and her smile. And when you first meet the person, the shimmer is still bright for the first few minutes until you realize…

apparently 51% of all online dating people are in a relationship already) will still continue searching for love online. Dating site profiles deal with personal information.

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