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As a result, Casey is arrested and charged with child neglect, making false official statements, and obstructing an investigation.July 17, 2008 – Casey appears in court, during which time the judge denies bail, saying she showed a "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child." The policemen from the Sheriff's Office search Casey's car and takes several items of evidence.Cindy Anthony testifies that they swam that day and that Caylee could get up the ladder into the pool.

Cindy Anthony immediately calls 911 and reports her granddaughter Caylee missing.

July 16, 2008 – Police investigators discover Casey Anthony has been lying about her place of employment and where she says her nanny lives.

June 16, 2008 – Caylee is last seen alive at the Anthony family residence.

According to the defense, Caylee drowned in the family's above-ground swimming pool sometime during this day and both Casey and George Anthony panicked upon finding the body and covered up her death.

One investigator states he smelled human decomposition.

June 4, 2011 – An FBI forensic scientist testifies the single hair removed from the car trunk was similar to a hair from Caylee's hair brush and had "root-banding" consistent with that from a decomposing body. Arpad Vass of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory describes using a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer to find signs of human decomposition and a high level of chloroform in the trunk of Casey's car.Later this day, he saw Casey at the Anthony residence and confronted her about taking them.George said that when he went to get them out of his daughter's car, she ran past him, quickly opened the trunk and retrieved the gas cans herself, yelling, "Here's your fucking gas cans!January 23, 2009 – Police discover George Anthony, who had been text messaging family members, despondent and possibly under the influence of alcohol and medication in a hotel room. November 24, 2009 – Defense attorneys accuse Texas Equu Search's Tim Miller of lying to the court in their claim that only 32 people searched in the area where Caylee's remains were eventually found and that the number was much higher.April 19, 2010 – Judge Stan Strickland steps down after Casey Anthony's defense team files a motion accusing him of having inappropriate conversations with a writer, Dave Knechel, who blogged about the case. August 16, 2010 – George and Cindy Anthony's attorney, Brad Conway, steps down because he disputes a Jose Baez motion claiming Conway was given unrestricted access to documents belonging to Texas Equu Search to which he was not given the same access.Casey's friend Amy Huizenga talks of Casey's frustration about getting help with Caylee and reveals that on June 27, Casey texted her about a dead animal on the frame of the car.

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