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The spokesperson also said that they have begun an investigation.

When they find the source, they will take legal action.

This story has already gone through several stages.

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Here is the mainstream media report (Ming Pao via Sina.com): Recently, people have been posting a simulated photograph of Emperor Entertainment Group artistes Gillian Chung and Edison Chen in bed.

Emperor Entertainment Group has filed a police report.

Other netizens began to spread that photograph to their friends and other forums.

At the Hong Kong Golden Forum, more than 2,000 people posted comments within a period of five hours.

Or will you see nothing at all due to self-censorship and/or fear at offending the Emperor Entertainment Group?

The storm broke at around 8pm on the evening before yesterday.

At around 3am, another photograph appeared showing a man and a woman engaged in a sexual act.

The two bore some resemblance to Edison Chen and Bobo Chan.

I am telling you about this story so that you can prepare yourself for tomorrow's newspaper coverage.

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