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The celebrations will be a way for officials to emphasize Kim Jong Un’s direct blood ties to North Korea’s founding couple.According to another source in North Hamgyong province, the observances under former leader Kim Jong Il were handled more quietly.

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The cruise line on which "Storm Chasers" star Joel Taylor died of an apparent OD this week does not allow illegal drugs on the boat ... the FBI is now investigating Taylor's death and has already spoken to folks at the cruise line to find out what went down on board.

which raises the question -- how did they ignore a river of drugs on board? multiple passengers tell us drug use was out in the open ... The parties were drug-fueled and, as we reported, Taylor was so out of it he fell into unconsciousness on the dance floor and had to be carried to his room after allegedly consuming GHB. we're told several passengers suspected of drug possession were stopped after drug-sniffing dogs zeroed in on them at the Ft.

At one event on August 15, she was called “the Mother of the Revolution, the source added.

Flowers from Kim Jong Un will be placed on a statue of Kim Jong Sook at her birthplace in North Hamgyong province, said another source.

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He was booked into the Barstow Jail on the same day., was arrested Thursday after an alleged family dispute.

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