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Keep her happy and encourage her to enjoy the benefits of the airline lifestyle (shopping in Rome, New York, London, etc). If both have webcams on your laptops, it can make a lot of difference as it allows you all to see each others faces at the end of the day.I used to carry my laptop with me on all my long flights.Encourage her to use travel benefits to see her friends and family while you away.

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Most of my hubby's friends are decent family men, tho in earlier days they liked the attention given to them when girls found out that they are pilots.

But u see, the level-headed guys know why these girls like them, as compared to why their wives like them (assuming their wives had met them before they became pilots).

When kids come along, the pilots basically stay grounded.

They know they come home to lovely kids and wife, and not many men will want to throw that away.

Yes, it is true that pilots' wives super-women (especially those without extended family to help out).

We are left so often on our own that we become very independent and efficient It does feel like single parenting..many wives.

Still i am happy because i except it as part of life.

husband/wife sleeping with other females/male is possible in any profession not just aviation. I would always want to have respect for my husband and expect the same from him.

I heard that busy schedule kept them apart for most of the time and they misunderstood each other.

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