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A lot of wives give up their jobs to be the stable force in the kids' lives.

A future pilot's wife must be prepared for this and not feel resentful later on, for giving her career, financial standing and become a mere housewife.

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Yes, it is true that pilots' wives super-women (especially those without extended family to help out).

We are left so often on our own that we become very independent and efficient It does feel like single parenting..many wives.

For instance, tell her beforehand that there may be times when you are going to miss some family important events.

What some wives say of the frequent absence of the pilot from the family?

Still i am happy because i except it as part of life.

husband/wife sleeping with other females/male is possible in any profession not just aviation. I would always want to have respect for my husband and expect the same from him.

What a pilot can do to make life better for the family?

Well, if you don’t have any kids yet, bring your wife along with you on long stay overnights as much as possible.

If one of you can't live with that then that is another obstacle to a happy family. I also believe that pilots should have a happy family.

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