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As if Wayne Newton didn't have enough financial problems, his daughter's health woes came to light this week. Louis hospital last month and suffered suffered liver, kidney and respiratory failure before lapsing into a coma February 25, 2010 A. The 33 year-old has regained consci-ousness but doctors were forced to deliver her baby weeks early.

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Harry Wayne "KC" Casey acknowledged that Richard was once a member of the Sunshine Band but said that ended twenty years ago: "I created KC & The Sunshine Band in 1973. Finch subsequently joined the band a year later," said Harry.

"While his talent contributed to the early success of the KCSB sound, his involvement ended in 1980...

Finch was then booked on a charge of gross sexual imposition -- which is a fourth degree felony.

Additional charges might be filed for "importuning and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor." During questioning, Finch allegedly admitted to police to having sex with other boys aged 13 to 17. A statement was posted on which reads: "MEMBERS OF THE PRESS: We appreciate your contact, but at this time, we have no comment.

Because of the recent allegations, I would like to clarify certain misinformation about Mr. Our hearts go out to the alleged victims and their families." Stevie Wonder has agreed to serve on the board of directors of the Junior Blind of America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to "helping children and adults who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled achieve independence." The announ-cement was made March 2, 2010 A. Despite assurances that she would clear up the problem last year, Dionne Warwick ranked third on a list of tax scofflaws updated by the California Tax Franchise Board in March, 2010 A. Dionne apparently owes the state $2.2 million over the last eleven years.

That does not include interest or, for that matter, any partial payments.

Shirley has contended all along that Samantha's death was neither accidental nor suicide.

"Fresh inquiries" are being made, according to police.

Our hearts go out to the alleged victims and their families." FORMER KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND MEMBER RICHARD FINCH ARRESTED ON ALLEGED CHILD MOLESTATION CHARGES Former KC and the Sunshine Band member Richard Finch was arrested on Tuesday (March 23rd) for allegedly having sexual relations with an underage boy, according to

Finch, who left the Sunshine Band in 1980, co-wrote with "KC" -- Harry Wayne Casey -- such legendary '70s hits as "Shake Shake Shake (Your Booty)," "Get Down Tonight," "Please Don't Go," "Boogie Shoes" "Keep It Comin' Love" and "I'm Your Boogie Man" -- along with George Mc Crae's 1974 Number One hit "Rock Your Baby." Authorities took Finch, now 56, into custody after a boy told local authorities in Newark, Ohio that he ended up "engaging in sexual contact" with Finch at his home studio several times over the past few months.

A lawsuit filed in 1993 by two members of the Angels against their writers/produ-cers for non-payment of royalties was reinstated by the Appelate Court of New York on Thursday (March 4, 2010 A. The suit had been dismissed by state's Supreme Court in 2008.

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