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And is sports are replete with them, as you will find out later in this column.

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As a high-school student, he won the season MVP award in all his seasons throughout his high-school career with the Xavier Golden Stallions.

Definitely, bigger things were yet to come for him when he wisely decided to be part of the De La Salle Green Archers.

His book title is “To Be Young and Wise.” Last but not the least, is Jeron Teng.

Teng, who was born to a family of basketball players and lovers, takes after his father, Alvin, and older brother, Jeric, when it comes to his passion for the game.

Entitled “Negotiating Identities: The Filipino-Chinese Amongst Us,” this Human Library exposes students and interested parties to the best resources for knowledge—real people as human books, whose life journeys, achievements and challenges are sources of inspiration and learning.

For those of you who are wondering what sports has to do with the Human Library project of DLSU, we would like to think that sports men and women, most of whom had humble beginnings, provide inspiration to a country that is in need of heroes.

The project aims to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding of people from various sectors. You have the whole morning to go DLSU Taft for this interesting activity. Chris Coldiron had competed locally and throughout the USA.

**** BACK to San Jose, I would like to highlight some addenda to last week’s column on the MMA and San Jose.

“The chairman, the president, The CEO” is the topic of Siy’s work.

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