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to the product Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ Elite Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ Elite; 1-Channel Mic-Preamp wit EQ; based on the 1073; hand wound Carnhill Transformers; 3 stage fully discrete class A mic preamp; max.

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Players worldwide pay continued homage to those classic sounds.

Idaho, USA-based Avatar Speakers approached Fane Acoustics to design and manufacture two bespoke 12" guitar loudspeaker models for exclusive distribution in the USA hand-made in the UK.

to the product Adam T5V Active Nearfield Monitor Equipped with: 5" woofer and 1.9" U-ART ribbon tweeter, 2x Class-D amplifiers: 50W RMS woofer, 20W RMS tweeter, Frequency range: 45 - 25000 Hz, Crossover frequency: 3 k Hz, Maximum input level: 106 d B (1m/pair), Rear bass...

to the product Zoom F1-LP Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphone Set Two-channel audio recorder, Compatible with zoom microphone capsules, Supports WAV formats up to 24bit / 96k Hz or MP3 formats on micro SD / micro SDHC card (up to 32GB), USB audio interface for PC and...

There are 2 acceptable methods of displaying the EIA date code, with or without a hyphen between the manufacture code and the year/week code.

Some manufacturers also attached other letters to the end of the date code to indicate day of the week, work shift, serial number, lot number, etc.

Find out what Dave Hunter of Guitar Player magazine had to say after he got his hands on the Avatar M65 and H75 speakers.

VIEW MORE We're delighted to reveal that the Fane Acoustics Ascension A60 has been awarded a 10 out of 10 'Excellence' award by Guitar & Bass Magazine in the March 2017 edition.

in the following product categories Loudspeaker 8 Inch, Tweeter 1 Inch, Reconing Kits for Loudspeakers and Loudspeaker 18 Inch.

The current top seller amongst Fane products is the following item Fane Sovereign 12-250 TC.

to the product Roland Rubix22 USB Audio Interface For i Pad, Mac and PC, 24-bit / 44.1 k Hz, 48 k Hz, 96 k Hz, 192 k Hz, 2 IN / 2 OUT, 2 Low noise mic preamps with XLR jack combo connectors, Hi-Z input for guitar &...

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