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Coming from a background in lighting sales and service, Chris was drawn to the repair and restoration department and was surprised at the amount of work passing through its doors.

“The amount of work was strong and steady and I learned this from the ground up,” said Chris.

Completing a restoration on a chandelier can involve even more than meets the eye.

Often finding the glass to replace those that have broken or are missing can be no small feat.

Restoring these to their “original beauty” takes layers of knowledge and sources who can create or provide the parts and pieces needed for the job.

It is important to be authentic to the project, but sometimes that is not possible.

In New England, especially in the Newport/New Bedford/ Providence area, the array of lighting found in homes and churches, by long-traveled roads and on the walls and ceilings of historic buildings is much broader in scope than many may think.

According to light restorer and repairer Chris Ehrler, “A lot of the variety of lighting I see and work on is thanks to the seaports along the coast – especially having the Navy in Newport.” Chris, of Chris’ Lamp Repair in Providence, Rhode Island said, “From early on people and sailors were bringing in every type of light imaginable from around the world to this corner of America,” creating a sometimes challenging but always rewarding market to work within.

Working with a restoration professional on an antique you want faithfully restored may involve having a section such as an arm or base of a light re-created using a “creative genius of a metal worker and sometimes a foundry.

This can lead to higher expense, and that is an investment decision the owner needs to make,” said Chris.

When the early 1800s brought with it the era of bituminous gas enabling homes and streets to be lit during the night, lighting fixtures were often imports from countries with more experience making them because they started utilizing coal gas decades before the United States.

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