Error updating view domino

Once the Diff operation is completed, select the following fields: $TITLE – We need this to see the name and alias of the folders.

$Flags – Used to see which of the folders are set to never refresh.

Here’s how we can narrow things down to just the folders which are set to never refresh: First we click the column header Filter button for the $Flags field then enter “P” (without the quotes) under Text filters Now we should see all the designs with the “P” $Flag (which indicates the design is not to be updated in a design refresh or replacement).

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The ACL for this database permits employees to create shared folders; many of these new folders use the original view or folder as a ‘template.’ After we made some changes to the default view/folder (we added a new status flag along with various aesthetic enhancements), we wanted the many existing folders to be updated to take advantage of these changes.

We couldn’t just refresh the design because the folders that required updating weren’t part of the original database template and they were set to “prohibit refresh.” Then it dawned upon us that the @Update View Design function is ideally suited for this task.

With a category selected you should see the Diff panel interface.

Next click the Diff button to perform a differencing operation on all the items in your folders.

At this point we’re going to do a test formula with curly quotes that won’t actually change anything but rather serve as an informational ‘dry run.’ What we input will return a string to show what the final formula is going to look like. The formula is designed to show the final code which we will execute in the next step.

Click the Add Column button in Values dialog and choose the Formula radio button in the dialog that pops up. This final formula includes the evaluated variables showing which template design will be used to update folders via the @Update View Design function; we’ll include a ‘fallback design’ to use if the $View Inherited From item is empty.

This webinar is for you if you manage #IBMDomino servers for a company registered in the European Union, or even one that has subsidiaries, employees, or customers in the EU. Also, here's a great summary by @JOldenburger: Big thanks to the 400 who've attended or watched the recording; questions, comments, feedback welcome. From Ytria's Twitter · reply · retweet · favorite RT @MWWords Just testing me some #sapio365 on some #office365 groups.

Also note that scan EZ includes a handy $Flag value reference right inside the product; so see it, just click the Help button in the Field Value tab (which appears whenever an individual document or design item is selected). We’re doing this because those column header filters didn’t actually remove any designs in our collection–they just hid them on screen; any mass modifications performed on the selected category of folders would still affect the ‘filtered-out’ folders.

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