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This @function was introduced in Lotus Notes and Domino R5 and has been used in the Upgrade Folder Design agent in the mail template since R6; read more about it here (for an IBM Tech Note that gives a good working example of the @Update View Design function) or here (for a post where Alan Lepofsky shows how the Upgrade Folder Design in the mail database works).As an aside, we theoretically could have done this job without scan EZ.

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Here’s the formula (the view/folder “My Favorites” is the one that will be used if the $View Inherited From field is blank): @If(@Contains($TITLE;”|”);@Right Back($TITLE;”|”);$TITLE) @If($View Inherited From=””;”My Favorites”;$View Inherited From) Everything looks OK so let’s do the changes for real.

Let’s click the Add Column button once again, but his time we’ll use the following formula, which is basically the same as the last formula but with no curly quotes (again, the view/folder “My Favorites” will be used if the $View Inherited From field is blank): @Update View Design(@If(@Contains($TITLE;”|”);@Right Back($TITLE;”|”);$TITLE);@If($View Inherited From=””;”My Favorites”;$View Inherited From)) Finally we click Evaluate to actually perform the @Update View Design operation on the the selected design elements.

Now click the Values button and pick Grouping Grid in the pop-up.

In the Values grid we can see the item values for all the folders in our application.

Out Look mail box Lotus Domino mail box I need to get below: Read mails of list of users and save in shared location with employee name in csv CSV file should have ...

I've been developing in Lotus (IBM) Notes/domino for something like 25 years and I've never come across this before.

Once the Diff operation is completed, select the following fields: $TITLE – We need this to see the name and alias of the folders.

$Flags – Used to see which of the folders are set to never refresh.

The application is Notes client based, using Notes 9. it works on one server but doesn't work if I open x Page from another server.

What should I tune up on Domino or maybe in db ACL?

Also note that scan EZ includes a handy $Flag value reference right inside the product; so see it, just click the Help button in the Field Value tab (which appears whenever an individual document or design item is selected). We’re doing this because those column header filters didn’t actually remove any designs in our collection–they just hid them on screen; any mass modifications performed on the selected category of folders would still affect the ‘filtered-out’ folders.

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