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Oshaben File Dean Gladden interview, 24 March 2006 Link Decentralized Load Frequency Control for an Interconnected Power System with Nonlinearities, Lili Dong Delight, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions in a Hospital Setting;the Role of Environmental and Interpersonal Services, Gary J. Smith-Gaffney Derivatives Clearinghouses: Clearing the Way to Failure, Hester Peirce Link DESALβ: A Framework For Implementing Self-stabilizing Embedded Network Applications, Yangyang He, Yuheng Du, Shiree Hughes, Jiannan Zhai, Jason O. Amsaad, and Musbah Abdulgader Electrostatically Controlled Enzymatic Reaction, Metabolic Processes and Microbial Generation of Electric Power, Yang Song Link El español en Cleveland: actitudes lingüísticas y variedades en contacto, Antonio Medina-Rivera Elevating the Civic Science Literacy of American Adults; Assessing a Renewed Citizen Science Paradigm Integrating Nonformal Outdoor Adult Education and Enhanced Experiential Learning, David Patrick Cronin Employing Strategy in Measures of Executive Functioning, Amanda A. Forte Link Energy Efficient Wifi Tethering on a Smartphone, Kyoung-Hak Jung, Yuepeng Qi, Chansu Yu, and Young-Joo Suh Engaged Scholarship @ Cleveland State University: Ask the Experts, Barbara Loomis and Marsha Miles Engaged Scholarship @ Cleveland State University at CSU's Tech Fest Day 2016, Barbara Loomis and Marsha Miles Engaged Scholarship & Selected Works: Strategic Administrative Approaches, Sharon Bliss Engaging with Social Rights: Procedure, Participation, and Democracy in South Africa's Second Wave, Brian Ray Link Enhancement of Electrical Engineering Education by a Mentoring Scheme, Chaomin Luo, Xinde Li, Jiawen Wang, and Wenbing Zhao Enhancing Environmental Quality and Sustainability through Negotiation and Conflict Management: Research into Systems, Dynamics, and Practices, Michael L. Butler and Karen Sotiropoulos Link Everyone Wants to Get Tough on Antitrust Policy, but Not Really, Chris Sagers Evolutionary Optimization of Atrial Fibrillation Diagnostic Algorithms, Aref Smiley Link Evolutionary Optimization of Ground Reaction Force for a Prosthetic Leg Testing Robot, R. Khoramshahi Feasibility Study of Consolidating Public Safety Answering Points in Highland Heights, Lyndhurst, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village and Richmond Heights, Ohio, Daila Shimek, Kyle Johnson, Eugene Kramer, and Charles Post Final Fantasy X and Video Game Narrative: Re-Imagining the Quest Story, Mark Ivan Host Link Financing Space Ventures, Mark J. The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare, Cathy Poilpre Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Nexus Natural Gas Pipeline on the City of Green, Ohio, Robert A. Thomas, Iryna Lendel, and Bryan Townley Five Things You Should Know About Integrating IFRS In Your Beginning Accounting Class, Mark A.Robinson Link Dependancy Status For A Child of Divorced or Separated Parents, Dennis J. Hallstrom, and Nigamanth Sridhar Design, Development and Biomechanical Analysis of Scaffolds for Augmentation of Rotator Cuff Repairs, Amit Aurora Link Designing Coalescing Network-on-Chip for Efficient Memory Accesses of GPGPUs, Chien-Ting Chen, Yoshi Shih-Chieh Huang, Yuan-Ying Chang, Chiao-Yun Tu, Chung-Ta King, Tai-Yuan Wang, Janche Sang, and Ming-Hua Li Designing Retailing Strategies Based On Knowledge Management, Amit K. Yocum Empowered Employees As Social Deviants: The Role Of Abusive Supervision, Jeremy D. Elliott and Sanda Kaufman Link Enriching Engineering Curricula with a Course on Cutting-Edge Computer Technologies, Wenbing Zhao Link Ensemble Multi-Objective Biogeography-Based Optimization with Application to Automated Warehouse Scheduling, Haiping Ma, Shufei Su, Daniel J. Johnston, and Elad Granot Link Environmental Factors Influence Early Population Growth of Japanese Stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum), Andrea N. Sundahl Finding Theodosia: A Genealogical Approach to Legal History, Gender and Slavery, Lolita Buckner Inniss Firm Resources And Host-Country Factors Impacting Internationalization Of Knowledge-Intensive Service Films, Rajshekar G. Holtzblatt and Norbert Tschakert File Florence Unetich interview, 19 April 2005 Flow of Sub-Cooled Cryogens through a Joule-Thomson Device: Investigation of Metastability Conditions, John M.

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Wisniewski Link Forecasting Electrical Parameters of Mass-Produced LED Luminaire Using the Monte Carlo Method, William Witt and Ana V. Maguire, Jay Gardner, Pradeep Sopory, Guowei Jian, Marcia Roach, Joe Amschlinger, Marcia Moreno, Garey Pettey, and Gianfranco Piccone Link Fractional Active Disturbance Rejection Control, Dazi Li, Pan Ding, and Zhiqiang Gao Franchise Partnership And International Expansion: A Conceptual Framework And Research Propositions, Dhruv Grewal, Golpalkrishnan R. Javalgi, and Lori Radulovich File Frank Murphy interview, 2006 From Planning to Action: An Evaluation of State Level Climate Action Plans, Serena E.

Stankovic Link Forest Roads Facilitate the Spread of Invasive Plants, David A. Alexander From Product-Market Data To Business Intelligence -- Marketing Pioneers Who Engaged Their Clients, Andrew C.

Callihan Link Ambiguous Multi-Symmetric Cryptography, Richard Bassous, Roger Bassous, Huirong Fu, and Ye Zhu Link American Antitrust Is Having a Moment: Some Reactions to Commissioner Ohlhausen’s Recent Views, Chris Sagers File American Decorative Book Bindings Display & Open House, Jennifer Souers Chevraux A Microfluidic Platform to Quantify Spatio-Temporal Diffusion of Chemo-Gradients Within 3D Scaffolds: Applications in Axonal Biology, Michael A.

Sawonik Link A MIMO Sliding Mode Approach to Limit Protection in Aero-Engines, Xian Du, Hanz Richter, and Ying Qing Guo An Active Disturbance Rejection Control Solution for Electro-Hydraulic Servo Systems, Xiao Wang Link An Active Disturbance Rejection Control Solution for the Two-Mass-Spring Benchmark Problem, Han Zhang, Shen Zhao, and Zhiqiang Gao Link Analog Circuit Implementation of an Oscillation Controller for MEMS Gyroscopes, Lili Dong Analytical Solutions for Vertical Flow in Unsaturated, Rooted Soils with Variable Surface Fluxes, Fasong Yuan and Zhiming Lu Link Analyzing And Forecasting Global Business Markets: Reflections And Recommendations, Andrew C.

Vimr File George Parras interview, 2002 File George Parras interview, 2005 File George Shuba interview, 09 August 2006 File Gerald Meyer interview, 30 March 2006 Getting Digitization Projects Done in a Medium-Sized Academic Library: a Collaborative Effort Between Technical Services, Systems, Special Collections, and Collection Development, Michael Boock, Bruce Jeppesen, and William C.

Barrow Link Getting the Most Out of Clinicals, Cheryl Delgado Getting There (“Point A to Point B”), Paul L.

Gross Fundamentally Linked: Neighborhood Revitalization and School Quality in the City of Cleveland, Angie Schmitt Link Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Charles K.

Alexander and Matthew Sadiku Fun & Games: a 10th anniversary exhibit by the Altered Book Group, Altered Book Group Gender Differences in Severity and Symptoms of Post War Trauma and the Effects of Persisting Psychological Trauma on Quality of Life Among Bosnian Refugees Living in the United States, Irina Bransteter Genre and Gender in Charles Bukowski'S Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Kallisto J.

Williams 2/2 Women in Business: Today and Tomorrow. , Cleveland State Univeristy 3/28 Book Talk: Ann Marie Smeraldi & Barbara Walker, Barbara Walker and Ann Marie Smeraldi A 1200 Year Record of Hydrologic Variability in the Sierra Nevada from Sediments in Walker Lake, Nevada, Fasong Yuan, Braddock K. Robert Stuart A Book Museum for the Modern World Lecture, Rickey Tax and Glenda Thornton A Concept for Direct Control of Rotary Blood Pump Speed by Inlet Pressure, Ibrahim Seven A Consideration Of The Relative Effectiveness Of Key Energy And Conservation Related Tax Incentives Under U. Gadkari Link A Kinect-Based Rehabilitation Exercise Monitoring and Guidance System, Wenbing Zhao, Hai Feng, Roanna Lun, Deborah D. Ann Reinthal A Kinematics Based Tolerance Analysis of Mechanisms, Shahrbanoo Biabnavi Farkhondeh Link A Laguerre Neural Network-Based ADP Learning Scheme with its Application to Tracking Control in the Internet of Things, Xiong Luo, Yixuan Lv, Mi Zhou, Weiping Wang, and Wenbing Zhao File Alan Dean Buchanan interview, 24 June 2013 File Albert Albano interview, 01 August 2006 A Light Weight Fault Tolerance Framework for Web Services, Srikanth Dropati Aligning Engaged Learning and General Education, Byron White All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library All The Books Are Stages and You Can Be The Director! Cleveland Public Library A Major Study of American (Ford) Compared with Japanese (Honda) Automotive Industry: Their Strategies Affecting Surviabilty, Patrick F.

Mc Geehin File Aaron Severson Unlocks Secrets of Meiosis A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Three Student Enrollment Behaviors at a Community College; Dropout, Transfer and Completion of an Associate's Degree/Certificate, G. Mc Clain and Melissa Collins Activated Neutrophils Mediate KIM-1 Shedding and Renal Remodelling, Shreyas Lingadahalli Link Active Disturbance Rejection Control From an Enduring Idea to an Emerging Technology, Zhiqiang Gao Link Active Disturbance Rejection Control: Methodology, Practice and Analysis, Yi Huang, Wenchao Xue, Zhiqiang Gao, Hebertt Sira-Ramirez, Dan Wu, and Mingwei Sun Aerodynamics and Dysphagia, Mariam Baig Link A Fast Parallel Selection Algorithm on GPUs, Darius Bakunas-Milanowski, Vernon Rego, Janche Sang, and Chansu Yu Link A Feasibility Study of Using a Single Kinect Sensor for Rehabilitation Exercises Monitoring: A Rule Based Approach, Wenbing Zhao, Deborah D. Ann Reinthal, and Hai Feng Affordable Textbook Alternatives Workshop, Glenda Thornton A Hybrid Reconfigurable Solar and Wind Energy System, Sagar A.

Creating a Sustainable and Vibrant Library Community, Mandi Goodsett and Amanda Koziura Link Are Sea Shepherds Pirates? Simon, and John Michelini Bio-Signal Analysis in Fatigue and Cancer Related Fatigue; Weakening of Corticomuscular Functional Coupling, Qi Yang Birds of a Feather, all attendees Birds of a Feather Discussions, All Attendees Board Game Night, Estefany V.

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