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Ghosh Destruction in Search of Hope: Baudrillard, Simulation, and Chuck Palahniuk's Choke, Kurt D. Simon, and Minrui Fei Entrepreneurship, Muddling Through, And Indian Internet-Enabled SMEs, Rajshekar G. Jurns Flying Circus of Physics (Episode 1.1): The Leidenfrost Effect, Jearl D.

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Walker Flying Circus of Physics (Episode 1.7): Water Suction, Jearl D. Jones Form 8332's Requirements For Nuncustodial Parents, John T.

Walker Football Follies: Featuring the Struggles of Female Soccer Players Internationally, Jen R. Geekie Formative research regarding kidney disease health information in a Latino American sample: Associations among threat, efficacy, frame, and behavioral intent, Katheryn C.

Goldstein Link Comparisons Between The Cap And Trade System and Carbon Taxation: Is The USA Ready For A Carbon Tax, Paul J. Garcia, Owen Astrachan, Bennett Brown, Jeff Gray, Calvin Lin, Bradley Beth, Ralph Morelli, Marie des Jardins, and Nigamanth Sridhar Construction of a Scoring Manual for the Sentence Stem "A Good Boss--" For the Sentence Completion Test Integral (SCTi-MAP), Angela Christine Miniard Consumer-Driven Retailing Strategies In The Indian FMCG Marketplace: Application, Pitfalls, And Prospects, Amit K. Tamer Cavusgil Corporate Governance And Capital Structure Dynamics: An Empirical Study, Li-Kai Liao, Tarun Mukherjee, and Wei Wang Corporate Governance: An Examination Of U. , Sashelle Thomas Alexander Damage Detection of Rotors Using Magnetic Force Actuator: Analysis and Experimental Verification, Alexander Hans Pesch Damnable Artifacts: Production Memorabilia from the Plays of Mac Wellman [Exhibit], David Todd Data-Driven Systems: Model Practices & Policies for Strategic Code Enforcement, Kermit J. Lee Link Don't Muddy the Message to Space Mining Companies (Op-Ed), Mark J.

Ghosh Contemporary artists books by Art Books Cleveland (ABC) members on exhibit at The Galleries at CSU, Art Books Cleveland and The Galleries at CSU Corporate Entrepreneurship, Customer-Oriented Selling, Absorptive Capacity, And International Sales Performance In The International B2B Setting: Conceptual Framework And Research Propositions, Rajshekhar G. Lind File David Goldberg interview, 13 July 2016 File David Goldberg interview, 15 June 2016 File David Goldberg interview, 29 June 2016 DC-DC Power Converter Design for Application in Welding Power Source for the Retail Market, Edward J. Munn Determining the Transport Enhancement of Sodium Fluorescein in Mechanically-Loaded Canine Tibia, Andrew Joseph Zak Link Deubiquitinases and Cancer: A Snapshot, Nishant Singh and Anuradha Bharara Singh Development of a Novel Gradient Chromatofocusing Tandem Mass Spectometry Technique for the Determination of Cationic Compounds in Biofluids; Identification of Caspace 3 Cleavage Sites of Nhe-1 by High Performance Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry, Jianhua Tang Development of Test Methodology for Evaluation of Fuel Economy in Motorcycle Engines, Alexander Michlberger File Diana Wellman interview, 30 July 2012 File Diana Woodbridge interview, 15 July 2013 File Diane Therese Pinchot interview, 09 August 2016 Differential Epidemiology: IQ, Neuroticism, And Chronic Disease By The 50 U. Sundahl Dynamic Analysis of a Rotor Bearing System, Sandi Elhibir Link Dynamic Feed-Forward Control Aided with Active Disturbance Rejection for Boost Pessure and Mass Air Flow Control of Diesel Engines, Kang Song, Hui Xie, Sheng Yang, Han Zhang, Qinling Zheng, Jason Tatsumi, and Zhiqiang Gao Dynamics and Control of an Electric Power Assist Steering System, Prasanth Babu Kandula E711 - A Public Emergency Wireless Phone System, Victor Matos and Ben Blake File EA001: Euclid Avenue Exhibition: Galleries at CSU Photo, Donna Stewart File EA003: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA005: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA007: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA007: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA008: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA009: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA010: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA011a: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA011: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA012b: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA013: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA014: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA015: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA016: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA018: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA019: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA020: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA021: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA022: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA025: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA026: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA027: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA028: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA029: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA030: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA031: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA032: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA033: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA034: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA035: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA036: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA037: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA038: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA039: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA040: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA041: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA042: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA043: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA044: Euclid Avenue Exhibition File EA045: Euclid Avenue Exhibition Photo, Donna Stewart File EA046: Exhibition Poster, Donna Stewart File EA047: Video--Celebrating 150 Years of Euclid Avenue Effects of Standardized Testing on Teachers' Emotions, Pedagogy and Professional Interactions with Others, Amelia Louise Brady Link Efficient Allocation of Slot using Medium Access Control Protocol, Niraj, Ankit Trivedi, Abdul Razaque, Fathi H. Gallagher Link Enable Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance Computing with Software Transactional Memory, Wenbing Zhao, Honglei Zhang, Xiong Luo, and Yueqin Zhu Encapsulation: A Revealing Look at a Simple Solution, Jennifer Souers Chevraux Link End of Academic Freedom: The Coming Obliteration of the Core Purpose of the University (Forward), David F. Rauschert Enzyme-Based Nitric Oxide Releasing Thin Films and Scaffolds, Mutha Merenna Nuwan Bhagya Gunasekera Link Equation of State for the Lennard-Jones Fluid, Monika Thol, Gabor Rutkai, Andreas Köster, Rolf Lustig, Roland Span, and Jadran Vrabec Link Establishing a Collaboration Contract to Facilitate Team Performance, Phyllis M. Gaspar Estimated Effects of Climate Change on the Reproductive Fitness of the Northern Spotted Owl, Strix occidentalis caurina, Nadia Swit Link European Court of Human Rights Orders France to Pay Damages to Somali Pirates, Milena Sterio Link Evaluating Lease-Purchase Financing for Professional Sports Facilities, Geoffrey Propheter and Megan Hatch Evaluating Sedimentary Geochemical Lake-Level Tracers in Walker Lake, Nevada, Over the Last 200 Years, Fasong Yuan, Braddock K. Howe Link Evaluating Student Attitudes On Ubiquitous e-Learning, Timothy Arndt and Angela Guercio Evaporative Enrichment of Oxygen-18 and Deuterium in Lake Waters on the Tibetan Plateau, Fasong Yuan, Yongwei Sheng, Tandong Yao, Chaojun Fan, Junli Li, Hui Zhao, and Yanbin Lei Event Postponed The Role and Goals of African American Experience Courses within General Education, Johnnella E. van den Bogert Factors That Contribute to Effectiveness of Foster Care Networks in Securing Permanency for Children: An Exploration of Network Participants' Perceptions in Urban and Rural Settings, Reza M.

Wisniewski Link Forecasting Electrical Parameters of Mass-Produced LED Luminaire Using the Monte Carlo Method, William Witt and Ana V. Maguire, Jay Gardner, Pradeep Sopory, Guowei Jian, Marcia Roach, Joe Amschlinger, Marcia Moreno, Garey Pettey, and Gianfranco Piccone Link Fractional Active Disturbance Rejection Control, Dazi Li, Pan Ding, and Zhiqiang Gao Franchise Partnership And International Expansion: A Conceptual Framework And Research Propositions, Dhruv Grewal, Golpalkrishnan R. Javalgi, and Lori Radulovich File Frank Murphy interview, 2006 From Planning to Action: An Evaluation of State Level Climate Action Plans, Serena E.

Stankovic Link Forest Roads Facilitate the Spread of Invasive Plants, David A. Alexander From Product-Market Data To Business Intelligence -- Marketing Pioneers Who Engaged Their Clients, Andrew C.

Becker Cleveland Works: Employment Trends, 2014 to 2015, Richey Piiparinen and Jim Russell File Clifford Johnson Interview, 14 April 2010 Closing The Marketing Strategy Tactics-Gap: An Institutional Theory Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Value Chain, Jagdip Singh and Rama K. Collateral Damage: Examining the Impact of Maternal Incarceration on the Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Educational Functioning of Children : Released Mothers' Perspectives, Roberta Treadway Gaston Comments on expanding civic participation in voting by expanded use of the Internet, Candice Hoke Link Comments on Localized and Integral Localized Approximations in Spherical Coordinates, Gerard Gouesbet and James A. Meier Cortical Bone Tissue Engineering; Scaffold Design and Cell Selection, Demin Wen Courses On Forensics And Fraud Examination In The Accounting Curriculum, Heidi H. Kamath, and Yihong He Cross Product Generalizability of Shopping Site Judgments, Steven G. Mahoney Link Differential Particle Swarm Evolution for Robot Control Tuning, Q. Simon, Hanz Richter, and Zhiqiang Gao Digital CSU Methods Working Group, Shelley Rose and Robert S. Poznanski, and Timothy De Groot Discussion and Planning for Next Meeting, Meeting Organizers Discussion and Planning for Next Meeting, All Attendees Don't Believe Everything You Read: Hoaxes and Satire in the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, Erik E.

Jayanti Cognitive Dissonance, Crime and Commitment to Urban Life: Why Individuals with Means Choose to Live and Remain in Largely Low Income Neighborhoods, Nelson S. Lock Comparison of Prototype Bicycle Pedal vs Traditional, Fixed Pedal and It's Effect on Efficiency and Power Output, Renee B. Geekie Competent and Safe Practices: A Profile of Disciplined Registered Nurses, Cheryl Delgado Competition Of Trading Volume Among Markets: Evidence From Stocks With Multiple Cross-Listing Destinations, Jing Wang and Haigang Zhou Computation of Fifteen Thermodynamic Properties Along Arbitrary Paths from Fundamental Equations of State Correlations, Prashanth Krishnamoorthy Link Computer Science Principles Curricula, Owen Astrachan, Dan Garcia, Bennett Brown, Jeff Gray, Ralph Morelli, Nigamanth Sridhar, and Baker Franke Link Computer Science Principles Curricula: On-the-Ground, Adoptable, Adaptable, Approaches to Teaching, Daniel D. Given CSU Spring 2016 Career Fair, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Cultivating Professional Identity Through Personal Connection at the Earliest States of Law School: The Evening Student, Karin Mika Culture, Efficacy, and Outcome Expectancy in Teacher Preparation; How Do the Beliefs of Pre-Service Interns, Mentor Teachers, University Supervisors and Teacher Educators Compare? Shelton Diminishing Utility: The Effect on Citizen Preferences for Growth, Roland Anglin Disclaimer Discounting IQ's Relevance To Organizational Behavior: The "Somebody Else's Problem" In Management Education, Bryan J. Harder Link Don't Let Burden of Proof Shift To The Taxpayer, Paul J.

Hexter, Candi Clouse, and Kenneth Kalynchuk Great Librarians I Have Known – A Readers’ Theatre featuring Dee Perry, Carole Wallencheck Greenometer-7: A Tool to Assess the Sustainability of a Building's Life Cylce at the Conceptual Design Phase, Muhammad Musa Mer'eb Link Ground Reaction Force Estimation in Prosthetic Legs with an Extended Kalman Filter, Seyed Abolfazl Fakoorian, Daniel J.

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