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Eventually, normal children will internalize or “absorb” these values and will be increasingly self-regulating as they mature.

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As children go out into the world they learn to model their behavior to other authority figures and to peers in order to please them and to receive rewards.

Most of the time, this modeling is a positive process wherein children learn to be positive members of society, with good values and behaviors.

Attachment theorists have shown that attachment to people is the basis for developing empathy.

Empathy is the ability to place oneself in another’s shoes and experience their feelings.

The disinhibited type presents as a child who is overly friendly and poor judgment and inappropriate boundaries with others.

Studies show that both subtypes are associated with functional impairments throughout life.Therefore, they do not model positive behaviors, and are often not motivated by the typical rewards that most children seek (e.g. They may be uncomfortable with affection and reject it.Since they experienced poor care, they learn to be somewhat “Darwinistic” and see the world as a place where they must take what they want by whatever means to survive.Many have not internalized social rules and regulations, so do not try to control impulses to break rules or laws.If people obstruct their goal, they may use negative means such as aggression to get what they want.As discussed before, the normal child treasures positive care, statements, and rewards so will model their behavior after their caregivers.

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