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The one-off by the author of Emmanuelle, LAURE (ANNIE BELLE), the story of a free-spirited anthropologist student living in the Philippines.

Joe D’Amato’s BLACK EMANUELLE (LAURA GEMSER) series, featuring Mae Jordan, the hedonistic, globe-trotting investigate journalist.

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Emmanuelle is the lead character in a series of French softcore erotic movies based on a character created by Emmanuelle Arsan in the novel Emmanuelle (1959).

Robert William Lombard (18 October 1895 – July 1972) was the first coloured apostle of the Old Apostolic Church of Africa and founder of the Non-White Old Apostolic Church, that later became known as the Reformed Old Apostolic Church.

Emmanuelle is the lead character in a series of based on a character created by in the novel (1959).

Much of the movie is filmed in soft-focus, which was a trademark of Jaekin.

Robert Fripp won an out-of-court settlement over the use of music in the film based on King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" ” - lankalion 2.

Filmography[] Emmanuelle series (France)[] Emmanuelle made-for-TV films (France)[] Emmanuelle in Space series (USA)[] Emmanuelle 2000 series (USA)[] Emmanuelle TV film (USA)[] Emmanuelle Private Collection series (USA)[] Emmanuelle Through Time series (USA)[] Other films[] A great number of movies, particularly in the sexploitation genre and sometimes retroactively, included the name ' Emmanuelle' or its variants in their titles (at least in some of their releases) for exploitative reasons, although none of them had been legally or artistically related to the original series or its title character.

The Spanish-Italian "Black Emanuelle" films created a following on their own right.[] Such films also include: References [] External links[] Emmanuelle (1974) is the first installment in a series of French films directed by . The film stars in the title role about a woman who takes a trip to to enhance her sexual experience.

The series starred Krista Allen as Emmanuelle, a hedonistic young woman who finds herself teaching the ways of sexuality to a group of aliens who land on Earth, and Paul Michael Robinson. Fresh from Haffron and Theo's sexual experiences, Emmanuelle takes Tasha, a female member of the space crew to exotic locations to learn all about the basic and tantric of pansexuality. “ Emmanuelle 7: The Meaning of Love is a 1994 television movie, which was the seventh episode from the erotic series Emmanuelle in Space. The second installment in the classic Emmanuelle softcore film series to be helmed by director Ura Hee, "Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle in Paradise" finds actress Holly Sampson in role originated by Sylvia Kristel.

As is the case with the other Emmanuelle films, Emmanuelle in Space contains much nudity and sexual content. “ Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire is a 1994 television movie from the Emmanuelle in Space series featuring several softcore sex scenes mostly between Krista Allen and co-star Paul Michael Robinson. Tasha has many sexual experiences, among them are a voyeuristic encounter with a hotel manager and a random act of meaningless sex on a boat. “ Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy is a 1994 television movie, which was the fourth episode from the erotic series Emmanuelle in Space. It was directed by Brody Hooper, produced by Alain Siritzky, and written by Thomas Mc Kelvey Cleaver, based on character by Emmanuelle Arsan. This time around, the seductress travels to such locales as Morocco and Japan, landing in passionate trysts at every turn.

The screenplay was written by Jean-Louis Richard, based on the novel Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman by Emmanuelle Arsan. The film was highly successful in France and around the world.[2] In Japan the film coined a new phrase, "emanieru suru" literally, "to do Emmanuelle", meaning "to have a casual and extravagant love affair". distribution by a major Hollywood studio has seen Emmanuelle referred to as the softcore equivalent of the hugely successful hardcore porn release Deep Throat.

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