Nakedcam - Emily osment and mitchel musso are they dating

In addition to his role as Oliver Oken in Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, Musso also voiced Jeremy Johnson in Phineas and Ferb, a boy on whom the title characters' sister, Candace (Ashley Tisdale) has a crush.

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It's not too long of their meeting but yet their relation is pacing forward with speed.

It's only a few months of their meeting and by now he has already been part of Haley's family.

Mitchel had met her while filming for Hannah Montana.

After dating for 2 years their relationship came to an end.

He appeared in the Disney Channel Games in 2006 on the Green Team, and appeared on the Red Team in 20.

He also appeared in the TV movie Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire alongside Chuck Norris and Selena Gomez.

Before 2011, he was already in relation with 4 different ladies who were older than his own age.

After digging up his previous life, the name of his first girlfriend emerged to the surface.

It was Katelyn Tarver, with whom he was rumored to be dating for the first time but was it really a rumor or something serious yet to confirm.

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