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Three other Chinese officials based in South Korea had been summoned to the defence ministry earlier in the day for the incident, which occurred near South Korea’s island of Ulleungdo off its east coast.The aircraft was told to “halt its threatening flight” and “any other actions that could raise the possibility of sudden conflict”, said the South Korean defence official, adding Chinese officials told South Korea’s military the aircraft’s movements had been part of regular military exercises.

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Kim retaliated by banning Brielle and her boyfriend Slade (actually Stone, as in Stone Cold Stupid) from sharing a hotel room during the family’s vacation to Destin.

In an instagram post, Kim defended her parenting and complained about editing making her appear like a permissive and lax mother where Brielle is concerned. Kim gave her thoughts on the episode alongside a selfie from the trip.

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#Every Morning310Shake #IOnly Like Ripped Up Jeans #Jeans By Diesel” [Photo Credit: Instagram]If Kim thinks we’re believing for one hot second that this photo is unedited her wig is cutting of oxygen to her brain.

Also her ‘thigh gap’ is the result of posing by bending over slightly at the waist and pushing her butt out (aka what every girl on spring break does in a bikini pic! Of course this will likely be blown-up, framed, and added to the rest of collection of naked or topless Kim photos that decorate the family’s mansion.

Also, Kim’s increasingly sexy blow-up doll appearance has me wondering – purely speculating – if there’s some truth to the rumors of Kroy’s wandering eye?

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