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The image below illustrates the available wizards when nothing in particular was selected.

eclipse crashes updating maven indexes-63

Default engines are used when a configured engine for a project is removed and on the new project wizard to pre-select the engine.

See above for a screen shot for the new preference node.

Also user can manipulate console (Pin Console, Scroll Lock, etc.) and close Browser Sim / Cordova Sim via Terminate button. If your CDI project (with enabled CDI support) has CDI 1.1 jars in its classpath, CDI Tools will recognize it as CDI 1.1 project automatically.

There is no need to use any special settings to distinguish CDI 1.0 from CDI 1.1 in CDI Tools.

A user can decide if he wants to change the file, which sections to change as well as which arquillian version to use. Hybrid Mobile tools can search and use Cordova engines from local directories.

This permits custom Cordova engines to be used together with the tools.Doing so will enable an additional software site from which these incubating components can be installed.Be aware that when updating Eclipse, this may cause some features to be updated unexpectedly.Likewise, the Arquillian validator is implemented as an Eclipse builder instead of JDT compiler participant which improves its stability.The Add Arquillian Support dialog is significantly improved.Final embedded as the only choice for Forge 1.x users.

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