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Anytime an actor, particularly a hot one like Johnson, speaks on the pro-side of gay related issues, pink whispers are sure to follow.

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We've only seen the couple at a few red carpet appearances for Dwayne's movie premieres, and they occasionally give us a glimpse of how much they love each other on Instagram.

In December 2015, though, when news broke that the two welcomed their daughter Jasmine, a whole new fascination for the couple ignited.

In the late 1990’s, Dwayne Johnson crossed over from the wrestling world into acting, taking on parts in both television and film.

Some of the early TV shows he made appearances on include That 70’s Show (1999) and Star Trek Voyager (2000).

After college, he played football in Canada for a professional league for a short period of time. His background in this area is well documented voluminous.

We will not try to reinvent the wheel by going over it here.

Some fans, mostly those who fly the rainbow flag, want to know if Dwayne Johnson is gay or straight.

This brief article will take a look at the muscular mega-hunk who is appealing to both gay and straights alike.

You came here to read about the gay gossip anyway, right?

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