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Perhaps one of the hottest male stars to hit the silver screen in the past 20 years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made a real name for himself.

Dwayne the rock johnson dating sex

You came here to read about the gay gossip anyway, right?

He prefers to go by the name Dwayne Johnson and not his nickname, “The Rock”.

Davis is then faced with a race against time to administer the antidote to stop the destruction and save his friend.

#Big Meets Bigger #Gorilla Lickage #RAMPAGEMovie Uh Ke8Wr9U — Dwayne Johnson (@The Rock) November 15, 2017, loosely based on the classic 1980's Midway eponymous arcade game, features Johnson as a primatologist named Davis Okoye whose life is thrust into chaos when George, the gorilla he's been caring for since birth, becomes gigantic after a failed genetic experiment.

He comes from a long line of wrestlers with his father and grandfather involved in the sport.

He was paid 5.5 million for his role in Scorpion King, a world record at the time for new actors.

To make matters even more exciting, Dwayne and Lauren are currently expecting their second child!

There's no denying Dwayne's impeccable good looks and killer sense of humor, but we must say — romance suits him well.

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