Dustin zito and heather marter still dating

“I was in a place where I needed to get out and that was my out,” says Zito. They break up, and in the next episode, Zito kisses another roommate, Heather Cooke.

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“It was an ex’s thing, so it would’ve sucked if we were on different teams.

But we weren’t and it was good.” It was good—and has been good for a while now.

A pivotal moment during the 25th season of the popular MTV reality show “The Real World,” takes place in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Dustin Zito, outfitted in a gray sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and a backwards baseball cap, waltzes from the kitchen to a bathroom.

She even received a piece of hate mail which was a little scary. Although the couple, who were the fan favorites, were sent home early after Zito injured his knee (while walking up stairs, not during one of the intense, physical challenges that they had to do on the show), Marter was still happy that they were together for three months in the Dominican Republic.

It surprised me at first that Heather didn’t seemed fazed by any of it, but it helped me seeing her handle it so strongly.” A viewer on an MTV blog wrote about Marter, “She plays with Dustin’s emotions. “We broke up after the show, were apart for around six months, and then got back together last June,” says Marter.

Adaptability was a trait that she had acquired during her childhood, says her mother, Nancy.

“When she was five, her brother had a brain tumor and we were in and out of the hospital a lot.

“Everything happens for a reason, good things and bad things.” Those “bad things” included her learning about Zito’s secret gay porn past and viewers’ reactions that weren’t always positive. “Some people thought it was harsh of her to step back from Dustin when everything was coming out, but I felt that is something she would normally do and was smart of her,” she says.

“I knew that others were watching and I just prepared myself for anything,” says Mrs. “Some of the negative responses from people we didn’t know were hard to hear and read. When it was time to move out of the Hard Rock Hotel, Marter returned to New Jersey to complete her undergraduate degree and then filmed “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” with Zito last winter.

This is right up her alley.” Though, it must’ve suited her.

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