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My mom lives 7 hours away so I'm worried that she won't be here in time to have that "womenly" support either.

My first was 6 weeks early and she JUST made it in the last couple hours before he was born. I have been googling some doula's in my area and am going to sit down with my BH tonight to discuss it.

They usually have about eight doulas at each event. I'm in Vancouver and I get the birth, 1 pre- and 2 post-natal visits for 0. I'm definitely glad that we've hired a doula, but without knowing you and your situation a bit more, it's hard to say whether it's worth the money in your situation.

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They all pretty much charge the same thing here but the 2 that travel were more expensive for obvious reasons.

There are usually a few packages to choose from, so it depends on what you're willing (or able) to pay and how much involvement you want from your doula. $250 was due on our first official meeting when the contract was signed and then the other $250 is due the next time I see her.

I think it's totally worth it for the service they provide.

kristony29, your description of a doula is pretty much exactly why I decided to hire one as well.

It's wonderful knowing that there is going to be someone there to support my husband and I through the whole experience.

Last time we felt very much out of the loop lol Reading all of your responses really makes me want one.This is my first birth and single mom, I need extra support.Btw what's included is one prenatal & one postpartum visit and of course the birth, 24/7 tele/text. Thanks ladies, Ay417 - call Marlo Muscutt of Bunky Bambino and try meeting her.I'm at the point now where I don't even have an OBGYN I can talk to or a midwife, so I would love to have someone like a doula.Anyone in Calgary area know of any or can recommend one?The Divorce Angels is for people looking for divorce support groups and divorce support Vancouver.

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