Doula speed dating vancouver bc

My husband and I both love her, and in many ways your husband's opinion on the doula to hire is as important (if not more important) as your opinion.

Doula speed dating vancouver bc

This is my first birth and single mom, I need extra support.

Btw what's included is one prenatal & one postpartum visit and of course the birth, 24/7 tele/text. Thanks ladies, Ay417 - call Marlo Muscutt of Bunky Bambino and try meeting her.

They usually have about eight doulas at each event. I'm in Vancouver and I get the birth, 1 pre- and 2 post-natal visits for $800. I'm definitely glad that we've hired a doula, but without knowing you and your situation a bit more, it's hard to say whether it's worth the money in your situation.

If you would like additional support with your birth, I would think it might be, but for $1200, I just don't know. Sometimes you can get doulas in training for a lower rate, but then they have way less experience with attending births, and that's the biggest reason you would want a doula, so you'll have to figure that out.

The knowledge, support and advocacy that they give you just makes you feel so much more at ease.

I feel so much more confident about this labour, delivery and after than I did with my first.We don't really start with all the stuff until next month when I am closer to my 3rd trimester, so TLOVER you can so totally get one right now.My doula is charging me 0 for 3 prenatal visits, help during my birth and 3 after birth visits.You ladies are amazing xo I have a doula and I love her!!We have had our initial meeting but I know her from my small community.Addiction Therapy Professional Toronto Singles Speed dating.

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