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“I have some really funny interactions with Dom, with his character,” Danielle told Flash TVNews.

“Heat Wave [aka Mick Rory] is really into Killer Frost.” She adds that “he’d really like to know a little more about her.

In 2011, Dominic began a love affair with Anna Lynne Mc Cord, an American actress and former model.

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Soon enough though their relationship turned romantic again.

Currently, Dominic Purcell’s official place of residence is San Clemente, California.

He’d really like to figure out how to make her come out, as well.” Dominic added, “He’s had a crush on her for quite some time.

Whether or not that will develop into anything, I doubt it, because I’m not sure if Rory can be tamed.” Seriously though, we’d love to see that develop more.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller appeared together in three television shows: Prison Break (2005), The Flash (2014) and Legends of Tomorrow (2016).

It is interesting that in Prison Break they were both the protagonists, while in The Flash they were both the antagonists.

Moreover, in Legends of Tomorrow both Purcell and Miller took on the role of the anti-heroes.

During the shooting of Prison Break: Sequel Dominic got seriously injured and suffered a broken nose and a head injury.

Speaking of the Arrowverse crossover…apparently Heat Wave has the hots for Killer Frost!

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