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I will of course continue to provide ongoing care until you identify your new practitioner.

However, you should do this within a reasonable time.

As such, I will be unable to see you again except in the case of a genuine emergency.

Give the patient a reasonable deadline for finding a new doctor.

I am aware that you have failed to follow the advice and recommended treatment that I believe are important for your wellbeing.

While I acknowledge your right to refuse advice and treatment, I believe that it is not in your best interest to do so.

Inappropriate advances Medical practitioners have an ethical duty to maintain only a professional relationship with their patients.

Your personal feelings expressed on [date] suggest that it would be in your best interest to find a new medical practitioner.

Try to ensure that the patient does not interpret the ending of the relationship as a personal rejection or affront.

You should carefully explain that the doctor-patient relationship relies on mutual trust and when there is a breakdown in that relationship of trust it can impact on the effectiveness of patient care.

Remember that the responsibility for ending the doctor–patient relationship rests with you, the doctor – do not delegate it to another staff member.

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