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‘What is more, I am grateful to those journalists for giving me the best training ahead of motherhood: interrupted nights, tantrums, unreasonable behaviour.

Being a mother is a breeze in comparison.’She made a point of saying she was not from noble stock: it was chance that saw her elevated to the Lords.

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A childhood memory that still amuses Gabby Bertin – now Baroness Bertin, currently the youngest member of the House of Lords – is a trip to a pantomime at the Fairfields Hall in Croydon, where her brothers Marc and Alex put on quite a show of their own.

Marc, then aged around ten, suffered from severe cerebral palsy, which caused violent muscle spasms and rendered him unable to speak.

She became his press secretary when he was a rookie, would-be leader, and was by his side throughout his time at Number Ten, until his resignation last summer.

As a reward for her loyalty, he appointed her to the Lords, where she now intends to campaign on disability.

Though Marc could not communicate, his personality shone through his limitations. We were very happy and I miss him every single day.’Marc lived until he was 12, when repeated illnesses and spasms weakened his body to the point where he could not go on.

Gabby, now 39, was 16 at the time and distraught – but those happy memories helped her gradually get over her loss, and later gave her a unique bond with former Prime Minister David Cameron.Gabby is in a jumpsuit and minimal make-up, her hair in a casual up-do. Her political and personal lives came together last December when she gave her maiden speech in the Lords.Later, in more formal attire, she will show me her office, up a winding staircase in one of the towers at the Palace of Westminster, with a view over the Thames and the Commons Terrace to Westminster Bridge, where terrorist Khalid Masood recently drove into a crowd of pedestrians, killing four people, and fatally stabbed a police officer. Despite being beset by nerves – her sponsor Lord Grade had to remind her to keep breathing as she waited her turn – she spoke movingly about her brother and her ambition to help disabled people into work.‘I should think we were the family no one wanted to sit next to,’ she laughs.‘Marc was making lots of noise and his legs were fidgeting so our picnic bag had been shaking around.Here are some tips: With so many options available to families with learning disabled children, it can be tough to figure out which ones are best.

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