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' Derek Hough and Julianne Hough kicked off their annual challenge Thursday night. "#thanksgivingdancewars #dancewars #dancebattle @freddys_good_side." They also introduced another family member and performed a routine to Pitbull's hit single "Fireball."Maria wigged out for her next routine. Check out this hot freakin' video to #BANGBANG we are killing it. @markballas @juleshough @derekhough #Dance Videos #Thanks Giving #Ariana Grande #Jessie J #Nicki Minaj #Dance It OUT #One Hot Number," she wrote.

What really happens during family prayer."The second video, which Derek and Julianne both published, featured crazy camera work! Maria Menounos responded by performing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" with her friends and family. Where you at @derekhough @juleshough @witneycarson @therealalfonsoribeiro @bethanynoelm @janelparrish @iamvalc @mariamenounos @erinandrews @legitsadierob @bosshogswife @duckdynastyae @young_and_beardless #Thanksgiving Dance Wars #Dance Wars #Dance Battle #Team Quack Attack #Quack Pack #Duck Dynasty." In the second video caption, he wrote, " This is war part2 ... "Big shout out to all the families posting videos...

"Welcome to the home of #thanksgivingdancewars #dancebattle. "Here we [email protected] & @derekhough started while I was still cooking. Where you at @derekhough @juleshough @witneycarson @therealalfonsoribeiro @bethanynoelm @janelparrish @iamvalc @mariamenounos @erinandrews @legitsadierob @bosshogswife @duckdynastyae @dylan_chambers @young_and_beardless #Thanksgiving Dance Wars #Dance Wars #Dance Battle #Team Quack Attack #Quack Pack #Duck Dynasty."The Houghs then shared three new videos. We are watching and you are killing it' keep them coming!!!

He has won the LA Outstanding Dancer of the Year and the New York Dance Alliance Outstanding Dance awards.

On September 22, 2013, for the first time, the category for Outstanding Choreography for the Emmy Awards was moved to the Primetime Live Show, and all of the nominees in the category were to create and perform a number with the host of the show, Neil Patrick Harris.

Hough, who was nominated for Dancing with the Stars, was part of that number, along with the other nominees.

Ken Ehrlich, the executive producer of the show, stated, "It's definitely going to be an original number, something that hasn't been done before.

With a total of nine nominations, he has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography for several routines that he choreographed for the show.

Hough has also starred in various stage productions, including the 2006 original production of Footloose: The Musical at the Novello Theatre in London's West End, as well as the 2015 New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The three children formed their own pop music trio 2B1G ("2 Boys, 1 Girl") and performed at dance competitions in the UK and the U. As well as being trained in many forms of dance, Hough can also play the piano, guitar and drums.

Hough is a former WDSF World Latin Champion (2002) as well as a Blackpool U-21 Latin title lland with Aneta Piotrowska.

Hough's sister Julianne joined him in London several months later.

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