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Within less than three minutes, the passengers were helpless and gagged.One man jumped out and drove the car away after zapping the real coach driver once more and throwing him back into the coach.

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Fast and efficient, the men stunned the passengers so quickly that there were only a couple of shouts of dismay, nothing that would even have been heard outside the coach.

Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue for managers.

When an incident does occur, you can keep the culture intact by taking disciplinary action.

Don't set a precedent for tolerance, letting employees know that you are looking out for their safety and comfort.

The behavior can come from other employees, vendors or even bosses.

The level of offense depends on your staff--it may take the form of offensive teasing about religious traditions, rude comments, offensive jokes or comments about sex, gender, background, race or affiliation.

Just before the next junction, the driver released the gas.

He switched on the speaker system and said he would pull off the dual carriageway and sort out the problem as soon as possible.

When employees feel offended or intimidated at work, their performance is likely to suffer; in extreme cases, they may quit or make legal claims against the company.

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