David sutcliffe dating

The tweet was rather surprising for his fans as many of us were thinking he is in a secret relationship with someone.

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His killer looks and personality deceive us easily. She also played the role of "Julie Costello" on Growing Pains in 1989-90.

Mc Cullough aged 50 was married to Sutcliffe in 2001, but their marriage didn’t last long.

The actor was in a relationship with the model and actress for some time before they decide to escalate their relationship further.

The problem started arising in their relationship and without any further discussion, they decided to call it quits.

He has also played the lead role in Cracked as Detective Aidan Black and appeared in American drama series Proof as Dr. This popular actor is usually known for his good choice of TV roles and subtle acting.

So if you start looking for his dating history then it won’t be so easy to find.Ever since his divorce back in 2003, the actor never talked about his personal life as openly as he used to.Nevertheless, the actor seems rather happy by his single relationship status.Many a time the decision pays off and it is rewarding but for some, it just never works out.David himself was in a marital relationship but after few years they decided to went their separate ways.They ultimately separated in 2003, after 3 years of staying together.

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