Tired of women playing games.” “I’ve got a “friend” who was with this one guy that made a real decent amount of money. Anyway, she met another guy who made MORE money (something of a trust fund baby) so that she nor he ever have to work again.

Of course she left guy number #1, got with guy #2, had two more kids, has all the money in the world, but asks the other guy for more (and more since you know…the kid (guy #1’s) is use to a certain type of lifestyle.


“Just recently actually, met a woman who was great.

After a bit of time it became obvious she needed help with clothes, food, etc.

I responded back by saying that’s what you get for calling the police on me and giving out false reports on me for not having your way! Q was a chiropractors assistant and was roommates with Lindsey. 4 months later, I found myself being quite successful in sales and of course with uncles help I had made enough to branch out on my own with independent backers. I was surprised on a friday when i got a text form Lindsey – “Hey, wanna catch up” .

Ever since I laid my eyes on Lindsey I wanted her really bad. Could have been 10 but she was a bit overweight- but I liked em just like that – creamy white and blonde with green eyes. I assumed Q had told her about my new cars,house and all other stuff – so i said sure whatever.

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There is nothing more disappointing like dating someone who is only after your bank balance or material benefits.

So I got her a laptop since she had no car, to look for jobs online etc. Got her internet/cable turned on at her house for her internet/tv etc.

Turns out she does this ALL the time to guys she meets, gets them to take care of her for a bit/as much as they can. Filed against her in small claims court for return of everything I bought her (I kept all the receipts for everything) and had some of her friends submit statements to the judge talking about her activities that were tired of her shit.

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In a world were materialism and social media flossing is the order of the day it’s very hard to find someone drawn to you for the right reasons.

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