hes dating but im not - Dating your marshall amp

Another player that acquired some of those was Eric Clapton, who used them to tour with Cream.

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With more power tubes, the amp had more headroom, a tighter bass response and more definition.

It was the first Marshall with a solid state rectifier.

Post a link of the desired amp on the “Ebay Watch Post”, so we can help analyzing it. I’ll concentrate on “how they sound”, “how they look like” and also “how to tell them apart”. It was made as a head and as a combo (known as the “Bluesbreaker” combo).

In this article, I’ll try to cover the more “desirable” Marshall amps that were built since 1962 up to the JCM800 series, wich most consider to be the “last” great Marshalls produced (That until Marshall released the Vintage Modern series. I will also try to give examples of where they were used.. I hope you like it These are just a few of the thousands of codes that Marshall came up with for their amps. There were many cosmetic changes on the first years until it finally got the “Classic Marshall Look” by 1964.

If you’ve been following Press To MECO, you’ll already know what an incredible year they’ve been having.

Now they’re ready to prove just how unstoppable they are with their remarkable new album ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’.

We caught up with band for an exclusive interview about the inspiration behind their latest release.

Jim Marshall touched upon the lives of many in his career and through his contributions to charity and community.

Now his legacy lives on within his family, friends and everyone who plays a Marshall amp.

This part of the board appears to suffer from "no post syndrome" so I will post a few usefull URL's that I have found that I hope will be of some use to someone.

The JTM-45/ 100 (JTM-100) The JTM-45/100 with the “block” logo Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of The Who needed amps that could overpower the noisy and energetic crowds.

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