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Put another way: Do certain academic degrees make you less likely to be "marriage material"?

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" and get a myriad of studies, statistics and news stories on the subject from secular sources.

You can even find out which cities give single women better odds of meeting single men.

Worldly wisdom may offer you 15 steps to acting like a dumb girl so you can get attention, but godly wisdom says a righteous person acts with integrity (Proverbs 20:7, Psalm 101:2).

Plus, do you really want to marry a guy who makes you feel like you have to dumb yourself down in order to attract him?

You don't check your intellect at the door when you say "I do." Smart women get married every day.

SEE ALSO: 25 Things I've Learned as a Single Lady While a husband is called to be the spiritual leader in the marriage relationship, a wife is called to be a helper to her husband.

A wife is commanded to respect her husband (Ephesians ), and manipulation is not a sign of respect.

As one of my spiritual mentors recently told my class, the man who makes you feel embarrassed about your intellectual abilities is probably not the right guy for you anyway.

D., I understand why my students are asking these questions -- though, in full disclosure, if they catch me on a less-than-content kind of day, I wonder if they are really asking: "If I pursue a certain degree path, will I end up like you?

" You can Google "Are educated women less likely to get married?

I have seen married women use their theological training in order to help their husbands in countless ways - by using it in service to women in the church, by investing in the spiritual development of their children, by being a trusted sounding board to her husband. I am not sure who starting telling women to act dumb or only eat salads on dates to "get a guy." (Probably the same, cruel person who invented corsets or the one who dreamed up high heels or pantyhose -- just saying!

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