Dating website rejects ugly people

The other 30,000 were purged from the site, which refunded over 0,000 in membership fees.The breakdown of people deemed too "ugly" to join were: USA: 11,924; UK: 3,156; Brazil: 2,911; France: 2,340; Canada: 1,220; Germany: 1,205; Australia: 1,093; Japan: 998; Russia: 840; Denmark: 470."We have sincere regret for the unfortunate people who were wrongly admitted to the site and who believed, albeit for a short while, that they were beautiful.Beautiful, which allows only visually attractive people to join, has reportedly suffered an online 'virus attack,' allowing 35,000 ugly people to sign on in search of love.

Beautiful, whose main offices are in Denmark, boasts over 700,000 members from 190 countries around the world.

When asked if the premise for the website was promoting superficiality, Hodge had no qualms acknowledging that the dating website is indeed for attractive people."It's not political correct to say but it's very honest.

The free website, which boasts more than 800,000 users, first launched in Denmark 2002 and took off in the U.

The cull was conducted by Beautiful of members whose looks they say no longer come up to the 'rigorous standards expected' of the 'exclusive community' and who now need to look for love elsewhere.'They are also offering free mentoring with one of the site's beauty mentors, who have volunteered to give their time to help improve the looks, style and confidence of anyone who wants join or rejoin the site.'Entry to Beautiful is only possible after passing a democratic rating process, where members of the opposite sex vote 'Yes definitely', 'Hmm yes, O.

We gave the power to the members to let them define beauty in a very democratic way," Hodge told CP.

Rejects of the site are notified by email that members of Beautiful did not find their profile attractive enough.

It must be a bitter pill to swallow, but better to have had a slice of heaven then never to have tasted it at all," said Hodge in a statement.

Speaking to CP, he said that following the virus attack the site set up a helpline staffed with motivational speakers that listen to people who were denied membership vent their "bitter" frustration and anger.

Cluley suggests the whole thing could be a hoax intended to draw attention to the site.

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