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The waitress said she took the baby because she liked him and wanted to adopt him.CCTV footage appears to show the woman bending over the counter to look at the baby, who was being held by a colleague.

Nowadays, this is less common within the younger generation.

And We Chat even has a "split the bills" feature with its built-in apps.

One man can be seen slapping the waitress in the face.

The 48-year-old waitress did not sustain any severe injuries.

Further surveillance footage shows her look around as she carries the baby out of the restaurant before carrying on down the street.

Police confirmed that their investigation is on-going.

If you’re traveling in a Chinese-speaking country you’ll definitely be eating out and ordering in a Chinese restaurant. In some restaurants the menu will be on the table already otherwise the waiter or waitress will bring it over to you as soon as possible.

In this free lesson the Rocket Chinese team will teach you the basics you need to know so you can enjoy the delicious Chinese cuisine – just listen to the audio and practice saying these Mandarin Chinese words and phrases aloud. After being greeted you could get asked one of the following questions…In China the waiter or waitress will bring the bill to your table.

The local policeman are carrying out further investigation.

Beijing News reported that the incident happened in Tianxiake Chinese Restaurant in Hengyang, Hunan Province at pm on February 25.

Unless you are really happy with the food and extra service, or you in a hurry and can’t be bothered for the change.

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