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It is worth noting that the American Culinary Corporation purchased the Wagner and Griswold brands in 2000, but they no longer manufacture cast iron under these names.

American Culinary continues to promote these modern-day Wagner cast iron pans, but there do not appear to be any pans in existence produced after the Wagner foundry shut down in 1999.

Wagner Manufacturing was the original company, and it used “Wagner Ware” in some markings by 1902.

It also had Wagner Hollow Ware and had purchased the Sidney Hollow Ware Foundry in 1897.

An article in "The Kansan" reports that manufacturers of cast iron during that period polished it in a drum or turned it on a lathe to make cooking surfaces smooth.

Use the Google timeline to see different marks used and patent dates on the bottoms of some of the items.These are brand new "1891 Original" pans with the labels still attached. General Housewares continued to manufacture cookware with this logo from 1991 through 1999.General Housewares' Wagner cast iron foundry shut down in 1999, and production of these pans ceased at that time.Wagner and Griswold are the leaders in the American cast-iron collectibles market.Wagner Manufacturing started business in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio.Watch for markings, boxes or information with “Wagner Corporation” because this is the group of investors that purchased Wagner foundry from General Housewares Corp. Look for reproductions and recognize the difference.

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