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Suggesting to get together “this weekend” or at another equally unspecific time lowers your chances by 40%.However, laughter has the opposite effect, the company found.The company says it analyzed, presumably anonymized, data from the interactions of 5,000 of its users who exchanged phone numbers within 24 hours of being matched after they expressed interest in each other.

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The ACCC is warning people to be careful about who they ‘friend’ online this Valentine’s Day with stats showing people are most likely to be preyed upon by dating and romance scammers on social media sites.

Australians reported losses of $20.5 million to Scamwatch from dating and romance scams in 2017 with more than 3700 reports. Women lost nearly twice as much money as men and people aged 45 and over are most likely to be targeted.

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People can also follow @scamwatch_gov on Twitter and subscribe to Scamwatch radar alerts.

Western Union recently agreed to pay a penalty of US6 million to the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) after admitting to aiding and abetting wire fraud.For one, you should avoid apologizing in your opener, however much you want to express remorse for taking too long to start a conversation or responding.According to Hinge, using the word “sorry” lowers your chances of swapping phone numbers by 56%, and same goes for being vague when it comes to the timing for a first date.This includes victims of dating and romance scammers.Further information, including how to make an application for a refund, is available at: Victims scammed via Western Union may get refunds. Millions of people are celebrating LOVE❤ with cards, candy, flowers and lots of kisses to their loved ones. Check out the pictures below to see snapshots from our Valentine’s Happy Hour!

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