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Nightlife in Khon Kaen is no different to the major cities in Thailand.They have a lot to offer to its foreign and local tourists.The interior and furnishings are of a typical beer garden with tables and chairs/ stools and a bar.

If this is your first time visiting the nightlife in Khon Kaen, you can be able to locate a couple of local and foreign bars within the vicinity of big hotels such as Pullman and Kosa.

If you walk along Pracha Samran Road, you will be able to find the bars spread along this area.

G Star holds different event and it can get pretty wild and crazy (in a decent way).

There is not much dirt on Khon Kaen nightlife, however there are still some areas of the city that offers these type of kinky services.

Since most of the local girls here are friendly, you can still be able to find some good company for the night. They hold several events and a lot of people would come and enjoy.

They have live bands and DJs that take care of the music.Most of the bars cater to locals but they also cater to foreign tourists as well.You might probably see some bars under English name but the only downside is that not too many people speak English that fluently.G-Star Palace is one big place with a huge dancefloor in the middle.They also have a stage where live bands, solo performers and DJs perform to give you great entertainment.Most of their patrons include young locals and foreigners.

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