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Therefore, in case of suspicion don't have to go to pay.

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Still, the criminals do not sit still, do not wait until you meet them. Therefore, they are "familiar" employees of banks and their using the data even can learn about your transaction itself.

On transfer, which you sent to yourself before you go to another country, not to take money with them.

They are not police, to understand who cheat and who does not.

And if you still need to send money to your relative, then the recipient should not delay getting an extended period. Additional information To get more information on fraud through remittances, use the information on the official website of the desired system of money transfers.

And you believe them, sending money to his mom (or yourself).

And to confirm that you have sent the scanned receipt translation sending attackers.

Never use Western Union or Money Gram or other remittances systems without a serious need.

Even if you do not tell anyone about the transfer is likely that fraudsters Receive a remittancewith false documents! If you propose to make money order to pay for some goods on ebay or service only through Western Union or other money transfer systems (such as Money Gram, Leader or Anelik), be very careful, maybe it's scammers.

Therefore, by sending criminals copy of the payment receipt, you almost give them their money!

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