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This process can be delayed for many months, and even years of investigations.

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The problem is that the money transfer system IS NOT INTENDED to do business and has no protection against fraud.

So a refund in case of fraud is practically impossible!

Therefore, in case of suspicion don't have to go to pay.

Ask the seller any other method of payment - for example through bank transfer from account to account.

Now crooks are not standing still and are finding new ways of cheating.

In this case, the bank will tell you that no one but your mom does not be able to get the money.

Any fraudster can be called your name and get the translation! If you "steal" your money order should go write a statement to the police and the bank where you made the payment. In order to return the money the chances are greater than zero, it is necessary to provide all the facts pointing to the fact that you yourself could not receive payment or that the recipient has not fulfilled its obligations, having received the payment.

It is therefore not recommended if not necessary to use a system of remittances Western Union, Anelik, Money Gram or Leader MT. Dispute with the bank and demand their money back does not make sense.

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