Dating someone with brain injury Extreme sex dating com

We'll be in the middle of a conversation and forget what we are saying, and why.Short term memory is a big part of life and not having it, makes life that much harder. Writing things down is a necessity for us- it is how we live our life, how we survive, it is our lifeline.Staying focused on a task when you have suffered a severe brain injury is unbelievably challenging, and it is a learned skill.

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This is why if we don't write it down, put it in our phone, whatever our system is, we are going to forget about it.

It's not just for the big stuff like birthdays and doctors appointments.

Unless your plan is to upset us, then it's great.

Just tell us to calm down and that you'll help us.

These are things I wish my family and friends had always known, before it came time for us to know them.

1) -Imagine for a moment how it feels to use to make sure you took your medications, and not once, but a few times a week.-Imagine forgetting your towel for your shower, twice a week.

Don't ask us where the last place we had it was. The thing is we have a brain injury and our memory sucks.

The chances of us actually remembering are pretty slim, so asking that question would be a terrible idea.

The day certain dreams were crushed and destroyed, along with my car. It is not as easy of a life, and it gives me unbelievable challenges, that I never dreamed I would have to face, but c'est la vie.

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