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The Crab Apple is a member of the Rose family, which includes other magical British ogham trees, such as Rowan, Hawthorn and Blackthorn, as well as other fruit trees such as the Cherry, Plum and Pear trees (Paterson, page 106).

In Scotland, the Crabapple is the plant badge of Clan Lamont, whose Highland territories were around Cowall and Argyll.

There are over 156 varieties that trace their history to Somerset.

It has a short trunk and can grow to forty feet high.

Bearing white flowers with a pink blush, this Apple tree blooms in early spring.

Somerset is still famous for its apple orchards, apple cider and apple wines.

Current apple cider varieties now produced in Somerset are classified into different groups: sharp apples have high acidity and low tannins, whereas bittersweet varieties have low acidity and are higher in tannin.• Sharp: the Frederick apple• Bitter-Sharp: the Kingston Black and Stroke Red apples• Bittersweet: the Yarlington Mill, Dabinet and Hangdown apples• Sweet: the Court Royal and Sweet Coppin apples In Glastonbury, cider apples trees have been planted in the Wellhouse Lane Orchard at Glastonbury Tor by the National Trust and Glastonbury Conservative Society.

The healing properties of apples were recognized by traditional healers wherever the tree appeared.

According to Pliny, there were 22 varieties of apple trees world-wide.

Johnny Appleseed John Chapman (born in Leominster, Massachusetts on September 26, 1774; and died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at aged 70, on March 18, 1845), also known as ‘Johnny Appleseed’, planted a popular American variety, the Jonothan Apple, across the American wilderness in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

His apple orchards in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky still exist, and some of the original trees he planted over two hundred years ago, still bear fruit (Gifford, page 94).

Core the apple head and place it on a dowel or stick, letting it dry for three to four weeks.

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