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Original leather strap on pan is present and serviceable. Includes one 50 round “L” drum marked Auto-Ordnance corp. Approximately 90% bright blue with some wear to finish along the actuator and some dings and handling marks along the receiver surface. Rich blue finish fading in places with Lyman rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand. Includes one 50 round “L” drum marked “AUTO ORDNANCE CORP./NEW YORK/REGISTERED IN THE/U. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is very good. Outstanding Special Grade Fox shotgun with 30″ bbls, matted, tapered concave rib, dual brass sighting beads, MOD/FULL chokes, 3″ chambers, extractors and dbl triggers. Receiver has beautiful, delicate, early D-style engraving with “ANSLEY H. By 1908 he is listed as the Secretary/Treasurer and Board member. There are 3″ triangles of scroll engraving at breech ends. There is an incipient 3/4″ crack in bottom of forend near iron. Factory records indicate that this late production gun was first shipped in 1938, and then again in 1939. Action retains 95% case hardening colors, silvered slightly on high edges and fences.

Walnut buttstock is attractive although there is a small surface chip out of right side and has some dings and handling marks. This is a very attractive WWII era Lewis gun and highly desirable in .30-06. Bridgeport, Ct and rare 100 round “C” type drum marked Auto-Ordnance Corp. Wooden hand grip is excellent with one small ding on the bottom and a couple of handling marks. The springs on both drums appear to be in good condition. 45ACP, Later AUTO-ORDNANCE M1 version w/10″ plain bbl, horizontal wood forend, wood pistol grip and shoulder stock. Approximately 90% blue thinning in places and with numerous scratches on both sides of receiver as well as some normal handling marks to wood. Bbl is shiny and bright, however, it has a slight bulge just forward of finned area, 3-1/2″ from muzzle. Top of right bbl is marked “KRUPP FLUID STEEL MADE TO ORDER BY” and left bbl “THE A. FOX” in tiny letters in an arc near the top edge on each side. It was during this time that a series of special shotguns were produced for the Directors of the company, including a CSE Grade, No. Eisenlohr which was offered at auction in the Fall of 2007 by Julia’s. 30″ Krupp steel bbls are marked “Krupp Fluid Steel Made By” “A. Bbl flats are engraved with SN and grade, and stamped “Fox Proof”. Case hardened action is engraved with early style shaded open scroll with pairs of birds on each side of action and dogs on bottom. Overall this is a very appealing gun, and shows the obvious care taken in preparation for its display at the Pan-Pac Exposition of 1915. There is a note on the original tag “Deliver from Stevens to Mr. Davidson was works manager at Savage in Utica at this time. 28″ Barrel set: Bore diameter: left -.734, right -.734. Stocks retain most of their oil finish, slightly thinned in some areas.

Grey phosphate finish over handgrip lower assembly only with forend pretty much in the white with an even grey patina. Bolt face is excellent, shiny and bright as is the bore. Wooden hand grips with one deep ding to lower left front corner and slight dent to corresponding lower portion of hand grip. Splinter forearm with rosewood tip, straight grip stock of fancy thin shell walnut with good color contrast and distinctive black streak marbling. CONDITION: Very fine.  Rust blued bbls and case colored action with excellent orig finish.  Stock and forearm have high luster filled finish with a few light handling marks.  Crisp mechanics.  Very good bright bores.  Case in very good condition with a few minor handling scuffs.

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Rear sight flip up tension spring broken and sight flips back and forth freely. Firing mechanism functions smoothly when operated by hand. Bolt is of the later type with cut out under extractor. Action retains 50 – 60% orig case hardening color, strong in protected areas, balance being pewter gray with some spotting.

Swing out shoulder loop is also marked eagle over “280”, however receiver cap is Mertzwerke (cos). Gun has matching numbers except for bolt and firing pin assembly which are 5923h. Also included is Desert Publications MP40 Foreign Weapons Familiarization and Operation Guide. 7.92X33(8MM Kurtz) bbl 16-1/2″ manufactured 1945 by “cos” (MERTZWERKE), with C. Haenel final proof (Eagle over 37) bbl is marked 37 as is front sight post. Bbls retain 90% orig blue with some areas showing cleaning and browning.

**NEAR MYTHICAL EXTRAORDINARILY RARE COLT AR-15 MODEL 1 ORIGINAL SELECT FIRE TEST RIFLE KNOWN AS “THE COCONUT RIFLE”. Receiver is typical of standard production rifles with carrying handle mounted, windage adjustable, 2-position flip rear sight and serrated charging handle with integral lock, chrome plated bolt carrier and spring loaded dust cover. Accompanied by a Colt factory letter which states that this rifle was shipped to Cooper Mac Donald Co. In a signed & notarized statement from consignor dated June 9, 2011, consignor states that he obtained possession of this rifle in March 1989 and on July 14 & 15, 1992 he and his wife traveled to Washington, D. and Baltimore, MD and had a lengthy appointment with Mr. Mac Donald had told him to “bring the rifle – there will be some brass there”. Le May explained that he had been looking for a rifle weighing less than the M-1 Garand and the Springfield M-14 but one with more punch than the M-1 carbine. That demonstration with this rifle is the basis for what was to become one of the most widely disbursed military rifles in history with innumerable knock-offs in semi-auto configuration. Mullen, upon being asked regarding the legend that this rifle had actually been fired by Pres. Kennedy from the Kennedy family yacht, the Honey Fitz, Mr.

Magazine release is in the usual position on right side with bolt carrier lock release on left side. Mullen responded that he was unaware of such an occurrence. Mullen was then asked about the legendary “two around the globe sales trips”. Mullen responded that there were actually more than two, he said that they were constantly traveling. Mullen related that “serious consideration was given by several countries, including the Philippines, India, Cambodia and South Viet Nam”. PROVENANCE: Informational letter from consignor with history of this gun as he knows it. Bbls retain 60 – 70% orig blue, silvered at muzzles, thinning and browning overall. 30″ Chopper lump bbls with concave matted rib, have ICD name and address on tops.

Some components marked “S” (Savage/Stevens), with 3 20 rnd mags, period carry strap and contemporary metal hardcase. Drum has nearly all of its blue finish intact and appears serviceable. PROVENANCE: Letter from Griffin & Howe with history of this gun as it was originally sold through them in 1935, and re-sold in 1944. Bbls retain nearly all of an old high quality blue. Bottom of receiver is engraved with the large round vignette of two setters on point in a woodland scene with split-rail fence in foreground. The wood to metal fit is as perfect as man could make it and replicates the stock found on Eisenlohr’s Fox No. Stock is sound with sharp checkering, a couple of tiny handling marks and retains all of its fine hand-rubbed oil finish. (Factory records indicate gun was shipped with “No Buttplate” and length of stock was 13-3/4″.) Very nicely executed D style checkering is at 24 LPI. Ralph Valler was the foreman of the double gun department at Stevens in Chicopee Falls. 26″ Barrels are stamped “Special Alloy” “Forged Steel” and with Savage Arms Utica address on tops.

Firing mechanism functions smoothly when cycled by hand. 4-40357 JWK20 (15,000-20,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Replacement bbls are inexpensive and readily available in kits for the Thompson and the stock crack can be repaired without issue. Bolt moves freely, but does not lock in the rearward position for firing. Action retains most of its re-blue over old pinprick pitting, markings slightly softened. Balance of engraving is very light, delicate foliate arabesque scrolls with about 50% coverage over the entire receiver. Trigger bow is engraved with nearly full coverage, extremely fine foliate arabesque scrolls overlaid with inlaid “F. Barthmaier” in fine gold script, likely a replication of his signature. Forend is sound with sharp checkering, a couple minor handling marks and retains all of its fine hand-rubbed oil finish. Unusual, long, slender splinter forend has inset horn tip with patent information and SN engraved on iron. Bbl flats are stamped with SN and bbls are fitted with Sterlingworth type spring fastener. XXXX Crotch figured American walnut buttstock measures 14-3/8″ over leather covered pad. Each bbl set has its own forend, 26″ bbls having beavertail, and 28″ a splinter with Deeley type release.

There is also some slight wear at the right outside of the mag well. Bolt face is excellent, bore is excellent and bright. Mullen stated that a demonstration was organized using four watermelons placed at 50, 75 & 100 yards. Le May fired at three of the watermelons which completely destroyed them.

Forend has a line where bi-pod legs have rubbed against it. Swiss precision makes a fine addition to any Class 3 collection. Mullen stated that SN 106 is the rifle that made two trips around the world for demonstrations to various friendly governments. When it was pointed out to the General that there was a fourth watermelon remaining and was asked if he wanted to shoot it or eat it.

Front of receiver is mounted with a folding carrying handle. Firing mechanism cycles smoothly when cycled by hand. Both 26″ bbl sets have raised grooved ribs with Lyman ivory beads, and are identical except bbl flats are stamped with “1” and “2”. Grip is checkered at about 18 LPI with line borders.

Buttstock/forend is wood with a black synthetic pistol grip. This weapon passes function check and appears fully functional. Case is excellent, as are label and interior cloth. These guns are extremely well made, beautifully finished, and hard to find in the marketplace today. Matching beavertail ejector forends have three panel checkering and Deeley type releases. 2 has recess excavated, but it appears that lead was never added. 1: Bore diameters at muzzle: left -.403, right -.403.

Buttstock collar, buttstock, bolt, barrel, and feed block do not match. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is outstanding. There is a hardened grease over much of the receiver and shroud which has preserved the finish underneath. Front sight is drift windage adjustable protected blade sight, rear sight mounted on top of rear of top cover(graduated to 2100 yds.) Pistol grip is covered with two wooden panels, and shoulder stock is matching wood. Includes two 30-06 strip feed attachments, one high capacity 30-06 pan mag and two standard 47rnd .303 British pans and one .303 British steel feed strip. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand, this weapon is fully functional .30-06 pan mag operates well.

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