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4-40324 JWK15 (10,000-15,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Tank gun includes round gun adapter for bi-pod, and bi-pod marked (kur42) also clamp on aa sight base.

There is also some slight wear at the right outside of the mag well. Bolt face is excellent, bore is excellent and bright. Mullen stated that a demonstration was organized using four watermelons placed at 50, 75 & 100 yards. Le May fired at three of the watermelons which completely destroyed them.

Forend has a line where bi-pod legs have rubbed against it. Swiss precision makes a fine addition to any Class 3 collection. Mullen stated that SN 106 is the rifle that made two trips around the world for demonstrations to various friendly governments. When it was pointed out to the General that there was a fourth watermelon remaining and was asked if he wanted to shoot it or eat it.

4-42154 JWK19 (15,000-20,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Extraordinary AR-15, the sixth one ever made by Colt with 20″ tapered rnd bbl and orig 3-pronged brush catcher flash hider. Base plate of magazine has a small key slot used for dismounting the base plate. had been selected by Colt to market this new product and this rifle was therefore shipped to the company into the hands of Mr. He stated that on July 4, 1960 this was the rifle that was used in the “Watermelon Demonstration”. Mullen stated that the demonstration took place on Mr. His response was “Let’s eat the son of a bitch”, which they did. CONDITION: Excellent, little used, with a few extractor wipe marks on breech face.

9/8/2011 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This firearm is classified as a fully transferable C&R. It has the typical tall AR-15 front sight with adjustable post & bayonet lug. This rifle is one of the first twenty AR-15s built by Colt in 1959 and was the single rifle used in all demonstrations of the capabilities of the new Armalite design from Eugene Stoner. William Mullen, the Vice-President of Cooper Mac Donald. Mac Donald’s farm which was an annual cookout & beer bust and that prior to the party Mr. While they were standing in the field eating watermelon Gen. Le May was happy at the prospect of receiving his order in a timely manner and on the spot placed an order for 8,500 rifles.

Lower assembly is of the attractive dark brown type and very handsome. Magazine release catch sticks in the closed position, but with some effort, magazine can be removed. Full coverage FE engraving by Richard Roy, featuring gold inlaid grouse and woodcocks. Bore diameter: left -.617, right -.620 Bore restrictions: left -.010, right -.005.

Firing mechanism functions when cycled by hand, this weapon passes function check and appears fully functional. Overall finish and appearance is 85% dark blue over majority of firearm. Ejection port cover slightly bent at rear, but could easily be straightened. Fox by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing of New Britain, Ct. Bbls have wedges of scroll engraving with gold bands in breech and muzzle areas featuring gold lightning bolts. Drop at Comb: 1-1/2″ Drop at Heel: 2-1/2″ Weight: 5 lbs. Accompanied by leather covered case with maker’s label containing oil bottle, snap caps and hang tag.

Cocking actuator shows wear to finish at bottom rear, only visible when in forward position. **RARE SWISS SIG-AMT REGISTERED BY ALLTECH (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). Cal .308, Blue finish with 21″ bbl including flash hider, shielded adjustable post front sight and ramp rear peep sight graduated 100-600 meters. Each set is fitted with its own beavertail forend, also numbered “1” and “2”. Action is fitted with Miller single trigger with selector incorporated into safety button. 2: Bore diameter at muzzles: left -.397, right -.387.

Bbl has a pierced metal handguard with swiveling, folding bipod. Blued action is marked “IVER JOHNSON SKEET-ER” on the left side with “IVER JOHNSON’S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS, U. Unusual stump figured and marbled American walnut straight grip buttstock measures 14-1/2″ over ribbed composition buttplate.

Buttstock collar, buttstock, bolt, barrel, and feed block do not match. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is outstanding. There is a hardened grease over much of the receiver and shroud which has preserved the finish underneath. Front sight is drift windage adjustable protected blade sight, rear sight mounted on top of rear of top cover(graduated to 2100 yds.) Pistol grip is covered with two wooden panels, and shoulder stock is matching wood. Includes two 30-06 strip feed attachments, one high capacity 30-06 pan mag and two standard 47rnd .303 British pans and one .303 British steel feed strip. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand, this weapon is fully functional .30-06 pan mag operates well.

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