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The California Probate Code gifts practitioners many tools that can be pivotal in helping trust litigators regain control over some of the issues outlined above.

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Campus Security gathers the required crime statistics annually from each of the satellite campuses as well as from their local law enforcement agencies and publishes the reports locally.

As required by law, Campus Security reports this information to the Office of Postsecondary Education on an annual basis.

Another effective tool trust litigators can utilize is California Probate Code §850 This code section provides a method for retrieving property that was taken out of the trust.

Additionally, if the property was taken out of the trust in bad faith, §859 allows for the recovery of double damages.

The last nail is hammered into the coffin and the casket is lowered into the ground.

In these moments of grief, competing heirs can find themselves engaged in forceful arguments.

Code §17200(a) states that a trustee or beneficiary may petition the court regarding the internal affairs of the trust.

Code §17200(b) then lists 23 different items that qualify as matters related to the internal affairs of a trust.

A common allegation in trust litigation is that large sums of money are missing from the trust.

An 850 petition provides a statutory framework by which to pursue the missing property and bring it back into the trust.

A blended family, problems with a successor trustee and hurt feelings are often at the root of trust litigation.

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