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I have many gay friends here in DC and they go to the same places to party as the straight folks, because again, the African American scene in DC is so limited.

In Atlanta there is so many places for everyone to go, I never found it to be a factor at all.

Christian singles Washington DC can meet and have a great time all night long in a cozy environment.

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We aim to create a truly unique dating experience for Christian singles Washington DC.

Those who attend will be able to enjoy the friendly, easy conversation with a member of the opposite sex in a relaxed setting.

I moved to DC from Atlanta four years ago and now I am moving back.

I am not originally from Atlanta, but I consider it home because I have family and friends there. My time here has elevated me to a much higher station in my career and I have more then doubled my salary.

I used to describe the DC bar scene as an extension of work and don't expect to socialize with people that you did not come with.

I was also hard-pressed to find an african-american scene in DC, which was again shocking because I thought that I was moving to "chocolate city".

I lived in Atlanta from age 22-26ish and here in DC from 26 to 30.

When I moved to DC, I was shocked and homesick immediately. There is one major "hip hop/rb" club and it is The Park, and I found the patrons to be very stuck up and non sociable.

Often speed dating events do not work because of the environment.

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