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Not only is it historically applied solely to women and so comes across as sexist, it’s completely illogical. I think it’s safe to assume here her goal from sex is to find a monogamous partner, since she also said on BBC Five Live ‘the easier it is to have sex, the easier it is not to commit to someone’ - so we can guess she wants commitment from whoever she is going on a date with.But first, let’s just dismiss the idea that how much sex you have or how quickly you have it has any bearing on your level of self-respect. Essentially, this rule wipes out anyone and everyone who isn’t interested in being in a relationship, although we’re sure she’s pretty much assuming everyone is (also utterly false Amber).

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Honestly, it’s not just the rules themselves that are highly problematic.

It’s the entire notion that casual sex is the death of special or meaningful sex. You’re still connecting with someone in an intimate way, just because there’s no monogamy involved doesn’t mean it’s not a special experience.

You are just as valuable and worthy of respect whether you have sex every single day with a new person or on the first date or within five minutes.

As long as you're being safe, consensual and not hurting anyone, it doesn’t change anything about who you are as a person.

Posting a video of her new rules on Twitter, she said, ‘I’ve been speaking to my friends about the question ‘is sex too casual?

’ I think we need a new set of rules before saying yes to getting intimate’.' Yet, according to her own advice, she uses sex as a weapon to gain commitment.Her first rule, waiting to have sex with someone until after the first date, is her using sex as a means to an end, a tool to gain monogamy.Equally, it's possible that her friends are envious of all the sexual experiences she’s had, being able to have great sex with someone and not have to deal with any commitment or emotional baggage afterward is just as much a reason for envy (if envy is even the right word) as the sexual connection you may have if you’ve only slept with one person.Amber then goes on to talk about using sex to get revenge on someone or get over someone, saying ‘when was that okay to have sex with someone as a weapon?The way you get hurt from having sex is by not communicating what you want or are expecting from your partner. Casual sex has been popular for decades, women are just less shy about talking about it because slut-shaming is now openly fought against.

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