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She couldn't find words to speak to Jake, who was on the verge of panic.'I made it all the way to the car, in shock, and I couldn't get the door open and I kicked it and screamed and yelled and cried,' Janeli says.Friends assumed the couple had expected that Jake would eventually transmit the virus to Janeli, but they had been so careful and equally determined to bust the norm and be a mixed status pair.

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They were among the two percent of couples whose condoms break and Janeli contracted HIV.

Two years later, they became among the five percent of Americans for whom birth control fails, leaving her pregnant.

At that point, Janeli and Jake each had been on treatments for HIV for more than two years and had undetectable viral loads.

Women with untreated HIV have a 25 percent chance of passing the virus to their children.

One year later, the Food and Drug Administration approved Pr EP.

Janeli was terrified when she got pregnant with her first child in 2012 (left) that the baby would be born with HIV.The two had been friends for about a year, and when they started dating Jake was a perfect gentleman, never pressuring Janeli into sex, and she wasn't the type to rush into it either, so their STD statuses just did not come up for a while.Then on Valentine's Day ('of all days,' Janeli says), Jake cooked her dinner, but it was clear to Janeli that her boyfriend had something weighing heavily on his conscience. Distraught, he told her 'I'm dying.' When Jake told her that he was HIV positive, Janeli was quick to respond, but she could hardly believe the words coming from her own mouth: 'You're not dying, you're just HIV positive!''It was the strangest out of body experience,' Janeli says, 'I was like "who the hell just said that, what are you doing, girlfriend!"'But she had, and the attitude she adopted so instantly actually had deep roots that would only grow further.So a few months later, when she got called back to the doctor's office after a regular STD check up and pap smear, Janeli was all jokes, teasing her new husband that the cute guy at the doctor's office must just want to see her again.

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