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She couldn't find words to speak to Jake, who was on the verge of panic.'I made it all the way to the car, in shock, and I couldn't get the door open and I kicked it and screamed and yelled and cried,' Janeli says.Friends assumed the couple had expected that Jake would eventually transmit the virus to Janeli, but they had been so careful and equally determined to bust the norm and be a mixed status pair.

One year later, the Food and Drug Administration approved Pr EP.

Janeli was terrified when she got pregnant with her first child in 2012 (left) that the baby would be born with HIV.

The family cried for their daughter and the man she loved, sad for him and scared for her, but they threw their support behind the couple.

When they did finally start having sex, Janeli and Jake were diligent about their condom use, even on and after their wedding night in July 2010.

''It was the strangest out of body experience,' Janeli says, 'I was like "who the hell just said that, what are you doing, girlfriend!

"'But she had, and the attitude she adopted so instantly actually had deep roots that would only grow further.

Approaching her 29th birthday, Janeli is a mother-of-three and lives a very different life from what she expected, and from what most people expect the life of someone HIV positive to be like.

She and her husband, Jake, of San Antonio, Texas both, live with undetectable levels of the disease, are the proud parents of three HIV-negative children and ready to be a new family portrait of what living with HIV looks like.

When Janeli was growing up, her mother had worked in an obstetrician and gyencologist's office and had taught her the ins and outs of sexual education and STDs starting at age seven, around the time the first widely available HIV treatments were coming out.'She told me to be careful, but she was open and honest, guarding me with that knowledge that you can treat these things.'I knew people who were positive, and I wasn't scared of them [because] my parents treated people – whomever they were, wherever they came from – with respect and love and taught me that they are a human.'Janeli confided in her brother who, as a gay man, she was sure would understand.

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