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The Arzobispado charges Ph P20 per person as entrance fees.

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The Padre Burgos National Museum (built in 1788) was a different story but no less controversial by itself.

It was the former residence of the renowned priest Padre Jose Apolonio Burgos, a Filipino criollo, one of the three martyr priests that were executed by the Spaniards in 1872 for treason and fomenting the Cavite Mutiny.

As for foreigners undeservedly complaining about the lack of culture in the Philippines – Vigan spits culture in every street corner- its rich and colorful history screaming in many of its museums (most if not all, allow camera use inside the museums)– the most famous of which are the Crisologo Museum and the Burgos Museum.

The Crisologos are one of the most prominent political dynasties in Ilocos Sur and their ancestral house which is now converted into some sort of a family shrine recounts its bloody history which in turn mirrors the relatively recent history of the province.

If you have enough time to burn or if you are staying in Vigan longer, a calesa ride is actually an excellent way to enjoy this beautiful city.

However, if you are in Vigan for a quick stopover, the best way is to go around in one of those tiny tricycles – motorbikes with side cars.According to rumors, Ilocos was called the “Rimat ti Amianan” or “Treasures of the North” because the hastily fleeing Japanese Imperial Army, buried their treasures plundered from the different Southeast Asian countries in the caves of Ilocos, fueling then a treasure hunting boom.Being the most popular destination in the Ilocos Region, it was quite a surprise not to find a lot of foreigners traveling in this area.Plaza Salcedo was also the site where the first Filipina to lead a revolt in the Philippines, Gabriela Silang, who was executed by hanging.Gabriela Silang was the wife of another famous revolutionary, Diego Silang who was the appointed as the Governor of Ilocos during the brief British Occupation of the Philippines until he was shot in the back by Miguel Vicos – a close friend who sold him out to the Spaniards.When we say it is tiny, it is REALLY tiny and although they can seat two people inside properly, it wasn’t very comfortable but a whole lot faster than going around clickity-clacking in a slow calesa.

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