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As you begin to search through the thousands of men who meet those criteria, you start noticing the color of a man’s hair or his eyes, or that he went to Harvard instead of Ohio State.

These distractions take you away from your original criteria and, in effect, ensure you spend a lot more time searching than you would if the dataset was much smaller to begin with. The more choices we have, the more time it takes to sort through the available choices, right? But what’s not so obvious is that we have finite brain resources and finite time to expend in such activities.

Kinda makes you wonder why people do it in the first place since there are so many ways to avoid it: calling a cab, picking a designated driver, staying put till you're sober or even better, not drinking at all.

The more you drink, the worse your judgment is, and the more likely you'll do stupid stuff that you'll hate yourself for tomorrow (or even for the rest of your life).

You ought to test the setup on the machine you will be using.

Generally the mining software should efficiently use the entire GPU, but it might happen that it will not and actually running two instances at the same time will allow you to tap into more computing power.

Getting drunk often means waking up the next morning with a couple of calls or texts in your phone log that you totally regret sending.

They can range in cringe-worthiness from begging your ex to take you back, to revealing your feelings to your crush, to apologizing to your mom for being such a disappointment.

The findings will likely ring true to many who have spent a lot of time on the popular online dating websites.

While browsing through a million profiles may sound like heaven to some initially, it’s possible that it’ll result in making poorer choices than if you had a much smaller number of profiles to search through in the first place.

Marketing from online dating sites often suggests that having more choices is most beneficial, because you have more options from which to choose.

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