Dating practices in germany

Saunas, a minority of swimming pools and even some public parks on sunny days are considered to be "textile free," at least at particular times.

Getting together completely naked in a sauna, however, has no sexual dimension to it whatsoever.

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Names are inserted into conversation after every few sentences.

Birthdays: You do not have to throw a party for yourself, but if you do, provide food and drinks for all your guests.

Forget to look someone in the eye as you say 'cheers,' for example, and you're apparently risking seven long years of bad sex.

The Local has put together its list of the most interesting and unusual customs that make Germany German.

Punctuality: Don’t turn up late for an appointment or when meeting people.

Germans are extremely punctual, and even a few minutes’ delay can offend.

These days, rather than being seen as polite, it can be offensive.

Just use the normal "Frau Müller." Nudity: In Germany, you might be confronted with a much more tolerant, open attitude to public nudity than might be the case in your home country.

Silverware language: Crossing the knife and fork on your plate is an indication that you are not yet finished with your meal.

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