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It was during this period that the Southern United Manufacturing Company relocated its headquarters to Steel Canyon.This huge monopoly stretched its offices over dozens of buildings and quickly dominated the business landscape of Paragon City.

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When Statesman arrived on the scene, his first battles were mostly against the low-level thugs who peddled bootleg liquor in the speakeasies and bars.

Soon, however, Statesman realized that a far more powerful organization was behind this illegal liquor industry.

Rallying the authorities, Statesman battled back Nemesis' forces.

Eventually, the hero confronted Nemesis himself and forced the villain to retreat.

Because these huge buildings loomed over city streets like manmade mountains, the newspapers dubbed the area "Steel Canyon".

This bright era of prosperity, however, possessed a dark side.

Southern United was but a front for a far more insidious evil that stretched back more than a century: Nemesis, the Prussian Prince of Automatons.

In this first great confrontation between Statesman and Nemesis (many more would follow over the years) Statesman brought down the company that Nemesis was using to gather resources for his personal war against humanity.

Plane table mapping has three important advantages over other types of ground mapping: 1 . Transits and/or theodolites were used to establish boundaries and to locate key points but the plane table and Alidade was used to fill in the detail on a map.

All direction measurements are instantly recorded on the map. The surveying alidade is used on a table whose surface is level (plane).

A bloodied, but unbowed, Nemesis unleashed his legions in the hopes that a sudden attack would give him possession of the city.

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