are edge and beth phoenix dating - Dating only on weekends

I hesitate to say ‘play hard to get,’ but everyone’s time is valuable and guys need to earn it.”Jocelyn, a graduate student who lives in East Williamsburg, refuses to go on first dates on the weekend.

Im starting a new relationship but duee to work for the next year im only going to be able to see him at weekends.

Do you think you could last in a relationship where you only saw each other at wknds?

Stephanie, a 25-year-old education program coordinator in Nashville, is currently in a relationship, but in the past she only dated on weekend nights.

“A first date on the weekend seems to mean he’s willing to take the idea of dating you seriously.

or would you be ever be tempter to cheat during the week??????

i mean i dont think he would, but id like aguys opinion do u think u can have a proper relationship seein each other only at weekends??? How a relationship works is whatever works for both parties. No relationship will last unless both parties want it to.A year of "only weekends" will be tough on whomever is the least busy but should not be an impossible challenge._james_With my schedule it's usually pretty hard to schedule weekday dates and most of the relationships I've been in have been more 'weekends only' with the odd weekday date (maybe 2-3 a month).We were still able to talk on the phone almost daily, even if it was just a 15 minute conversation to 'touch base' and it's never been a problem.Dinner and drinks is a perfect way to get out on the weekends when my friends are busy.” Choosing weekend nights has caused some issues, as there can be perceived pressures.“I went on a first date on a Friday night with someone who was pressuring me to go home with him.Sorry, but there’s no contract being signed that ties you in to giving up some booty for a couple of glasses of wine,” Jill joked.“On weeknights, people are much more respectful of time—a work obligation is always a valid excuse to skip out early.

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