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Likewise for a male, his mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, both paternal and maternal aunties and nieces.

When a woman is amongst her mahrams, the scholars of Islam agree that a woman does not have to observe strict rules of covering but rather that she is able to uncover her hair, face, arms, hands, legs from below the knee, and feet.

The word used most often in regard to covering is hijab.

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Nevertheless, she wanted to show from time to time, may cause the dissatisfaction of others.

Water Monkey people experience financial ups and downs, but they do not have to worry about money can come, for there are many unexpected riches.

This is not the case in Islam, where modesty is seen as a sign of respect for oneself and others.

The that every human being is born with is seen as something to be treasured.

Some of the conditions are the same as the conditions for woman but others relate particularly to men.

The scholars of Islam overwhelmingly agree that for men everything between the navel and the knees (including the knees) must be covered in the presence of anybody.We begin with the conditions of hijab for a woman in public and amongst non-mahram men.As long as these conditions are fulfilled a woman may wear whatever she pleases. It should not be a garment worn because of vanity or to gain popularity or fame.Islam is a complete way of life, each and every aspect is designed by our Creator to advance happy, healthy communities and ease the path to eternal bliss in Paradise.In today’s society modesty is seen as a sign of weakness or insecurity.They are very happy living in the Romanticism in harmony in the marriage.

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