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Randy Zerringer dated a girl from Winchester, Indiana (10 miles west of Union City) who was from a very wealthy family.... "AND - LIVE" included the second recording of Derringer's song "ROCK AND ROLL HOOCHIE KOO" which was first released as a single from "JOHNNY WINTER AND". They played every little event you could imagine in 1963-64-65... The Mc Coys were really formed and nutured and pushed like hell by a "stage mother" who drug them all over western Ohio and eastern Indiana to get them exposure and stage time. In 1971 Rick was featured on 3 of the brothers' records including "JOHNNY WINTER AND - LIVE" and "EDGAR WINTER'S WHITE TRASH" ...

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Along with his brother Randy Dennis Kelly Randy ______ (I have forgotten his last name at this moment) were the members of the Mc Coys. Neither my sister or I have any recollection of Rick dating anyone named SLOOPY.... he was actually a pretty shy kid when the band wasn't on stage. It was the beginning of a long association with both Winter brothers as singer, player, songwriter, and producer (he's produced every Gold or Platinum recording that they've made).

and various folks from our hometown (Greenville, OH - 12 miles from Union CIty) often hung out with Zerringers and their friends. Immediately following the demise of The Mc Coys in 1969, Rick merged his talents with albino blues rocker, Johnny Winter forming "JOHNNY WINTER AND" (the "AND" referring to The Mc Coys).

In 2008, Disney launched reality series about Jonas Brothers, which lasted two seasons.

Nick also appeared on many other TV series, including “Smash” and “Scream Queens”. Nick created a foundation that raises funds for children suffering from diabetes.

At the age of 10, his performance was noticed by his first label and at 12 he released his first album. Jonas Brothers is pop rock band, which consists of Nick and his two brothers.

It is very popular with more than 17m copies of its albums sold all over the world. His father introduced him to the world of music and his mother homeschooled him so that he would have more time for his career. Nick starred in such theatrical performances as “Les Miserables” in 2010 and “Hairspray” in 2011. In 2007, Nick and his brothers appeared on “Hannah Montana” episode.Several more albums resulted in the 70's until, in 1976, Derringer decided to go solo with the "DERRINGER BAND", which included throughout several incarnations, then unknown musicians Neil Geraldo and Myron Grumbacher, who went ahead to become famous with Pat Benatar.Rick released four albums before disbanding in 1983, the year he made his last solo LP of that era, "GOOD DIRTY FUN".Siblings: Nick has three brothers named Joe, Frankie, and Kevin.Joe and Kevin are the members of Jonas Brothers band along with Nick. and her parents really hated it when the Mc Coys became successful . A Photo of Rick Derringer in recent years, probable 2009 Rick Derringer's (born: Richard Zehringer 5-Aug-1947) first solo albums "All American Boy" and "Spring Fever" have been remastered and rereleased on a single CD Rick Derringer first gained popularity with his band, The Mc Coys, and their chart topping hit record, "HANG ON SLOOPY", at 16 years of age in the summer of 1965.

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